Volume 27 2021-2022 Season

For the next four weeks, your class WILL NOT meet at its scheduled time on Tuesdays at 5:30pm. It will be held on Wednesdays to coincide with SCDC Jazz to work on Group Production Piece. Here is the exact dates/time it will meet on an alternate schedule:

1/26 --7-8:30pm
2/2 --7-8pm
Vaccination Card:

As a reminder, if you have been boosted and/or have completed your vaccination, please make sure to bring your vaccination card to Daveda at the front desk to keep a copy for our records.
Sarah Fazio:

Here is the schedule for Sarah's Visit:

3:30-4:30 OPEN NHAPA Master Jazz Class
  • all company students that aren't in SCDC or PG jazz groups should take this class
  • sign ups will be live on the NHAPA app on 1/24
  • $25.00

4:30-7:45 SCDC & PG Jazz Groups Mandatory Master Class and Choreography

For that night only:
-PG HH will be held at 3:30pm
-JPG HH will be held at 4:30pm
-PG Jazz will be held on the previous day 2/16 at 7:30pm in lieu
-PG Contemporary will be combined with SCDC Contemporary on Tuesday 2/15 during their class time at 6:30pm
Dance Excellence
Instructors in LA:
As Dance Excellence notifies us of the artists that will be a part of the program we will add the Dance Excellence page on the nhapa site.
Final Payments:
As communicated this summer, the final installment for the trip will be due January 20th (TOMORROW). If you haven't received a final invoice from Kim A-please email her ASAP.
LA Attire:

Let the count down to LA begin! Busy time working hard to get our dancers prepared and our attire and packing needs sorted out! We wanted to provide you with a list of the body suits and tights the company students will need for their classes while in LA. Our captains Marissa & Hailey will send the students a detailed list of what to wear on each day of classes, this is something we have done for every trip and it unifies the group by being attired professionally and the same, each day. Further details will follow, in an effort to provide you with as much time as possible to gather the bodysuits we have given a list below:
*”New” black bodysuit with mesh on top from this past year (Revolution, #RD50036)
*Purple mesh on top bodysuit from revolution that can be ordered online (Revolution, #RD50036)
*Older black crisscrossed backed bodysuit
We have several of the mesh black bodysuits and the older crisscrossed bodysuit available at the studio in limited supply. Most of the students already have them from previous years, however if you wish to replace them we will have some available. Please note the older style is a discontinued one and we have restricted inventory at the desk. Please take the time to look at your attire needs soon and order the purple one asap to avoid backorder issues through (  They will also be required to wear proper shoes for each class (tap, jazz, HH), beige & black tights as well as their company jacket and pants.
Please feel free to enquire with Daveda or Makayla at the desk or your captains for specific questions you have or wish to purchase something. Let the countdown begin! 
Workshops Coming Up:

Below is what is coming this week. Please visit company corner for more scheduled workshops. Please also complete any outstanding workshop fees in Studio Director.

  • PG Jazz (Katie)- January 21st, 7-8
  • SCDC Contemporary (Katie)- January 21st, 6-7
  • Hip Hop Production (Patrick Planet)- January 22nd, 1-2:30
Summer 2020:

Our intensive and audition dates are set. Please hold these dates in your calendar. In addition to these dates we will still be offering a variety of pop ups throughout the summer. 

Intensive Week One- June 20-23
Intensive Week Two- July 18-21
Intensive Week Three- August 22-25
Audition: June 24-25
Gala: March 19th, Blue Ocean Music Hall

You should have received an email with Gala updates. Tickets will be going on sale at the beginning of next month.

This is the seating chart for anyone that is not familiar with the layout.

Class Assistants:

Attendance taking has been slipping through the cracks. Please be sure that you are taking attendance at the start of your helpout.