Volume 20 2021-2022 Season
This morning, we learned that a few members of our staff are under suspicion of COVID. Out of an abundance of caution with the holiday next week and families gathering we have decided to close as of TODAY through the holiday break. We will re-open on Monday, November 29th and we will add a week to the end of the season in May to make-up the time. We apologize for any inconvenience as we try and do what we feel is the best way to keep our community and their loved ones safe. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving-filled with gratitude.

Visiting Week:

We would like to return to a tradition that parents and students enjoy this December-Visiting Week. However, we will need to make some adjustments to limit the number of people in the building at once. For families that are new to NHAPA since COVID, this is a week just before we break for the holidays in December where classes may be viewed-also known as "Peak Week".

This will take place the last full week of classes we have in December (13th-18th/Mon-Sat). Note: we will be open til 12/21 (closed 12/22-1/2). We will NOT be having a second Visiting week in April. In order to keep things manageable with # of people the following terms will be in effect:

1) All guests MUST be masked.
2) All non-company classes will be open with a limit of 2 guests.
3) Company classes will only be open on Tuesday and Saturdays and guests will be limited to 1/ class due to the size of many of the company classes.
Dance Excellance
We have been invited to perform 5 pieces as part of the Dance Excellence "Performance Boards." Miss Kim will be evaluating which pieces will be performed in Dec/Jan timeframe. We did learn that each student performing needs to pay $25 per piece (similar to Competition). Apologies that we didn't know to communicate that sooner-this will be collected with final payments in January.
Final Payments:
As communicated this summer, the final installment for the trip will be due January 20th. This will include $800 pp plus the portion of the extra night ($175/number in room) as well as the additional fee for rooms with fewer than four people. They have supplied us with those rates below for you planning purposes.

Workshops Coming Up:

We have some workshops coming up.
Below is what is coming this week and next. Please visit company corner for more scheduled workshops. Please also complete any outstanding workshop fees in Studio Director.

SCDC Modern: November 18th/ 3:30-4:30-NEEDS to be Rescheduled

JPG Modern: November 18th/ 4:30-5:30-NEEDS to be Rescheduled

SCDC Ballet Group: November 18th/ 4:30-5:30-NEEDS to be Rescheduled

PG Contemporary: November 19th/ 6:30-7:30-NEEDS to be Rescheduled

Tap Production: November 20th/ 1:00-2:00-NEEDS to be Rescheduled

We are happy to be participating in both the Hampton and Portsmouth Holiday Parades on December 4th.

Typically the Hampton Parade begins at 1pm & Portsmouth at 6pm. We will confirm exact drop off times and locations when we know more. Please plan to pick up at Citizens Bank in Hampton as well as Portsmouth at the conclusion of the parade.

Students will be dress warmly with outer layer being their SCDC pants and jacket. NHAPA will provide the hats and canes. You will also need-PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE FOLLOWING:
  • a white turtle neck
  • white, red or green gloves
  • portable white lights operated by battery for the night parade

We have several students that haven't been a part of this event and will need to learn the march choreography. Our tri-captains will popping into the beginning of a Jumps & Turns Tuesday class in November to teach that choreography- Exact date is November 29th (4:30 Jumps & Turns) and November 30th (6:30 Jumps & Turns)

Costumes have started to come in. If you do not own the undergarments below, please order them so that you have them for our upcoming performances. Many of our costumes this year will require these items. You can purchase them directly through Nimbly (Revolution). Please reach out to Makayla with any questions.
Performance Leggings:

For those of you that did not order the required performance leggings, we ordered them for you and you will see this charge reflected on your accounts.
NHAPA Apparel for the Holidays:

The deadline for the special orders is today 11/17! Since we are closed unexpectedly, we will accept email orders to Makayla until the end of the day. Please authorize your card on file for payment.