Volume 25 2021-2022 Season
A note from Kim P:

Dear company members and families,

We are so very excited to move forward toward so many wonderful opportunities coming our way: Gala, Guest Teachers & LA! Though it has been a tough year for many due to illness/covid, academics, drivers ed, family commitments and a rigorous dance schedule we must focus on continuing to prepare the dancers to be the best they can be. We are so glad that dance gives them the chance to be physical, creative and express themselves. Additional absences put our dancers behind, choreographers in a difficult position as well as their fellow dancers as some of the upcoming pieces are to be taught in only a short amount of time. It is important that all our dancers feel confident and comfortable so they can do their very best. If due to an illness/injury a student is unable to be in a piece at the Gala for example, does NOT mean they are removed from the piece. It means when they are able, they are to learn the dance/choreography and will be placed once the choreographer is confident they are well prepared. Please note that if a student continues to miss workshops & classes with regularity (baring illness/COVID or injury) they may be removed from some parts of the dance unless other discussions have been had in advance with the faculty member or directors.
COVID Update:

PLEASE do not come to dance if you are experiencing any unusual symptoms-better to wait and test. When you are out we ask that you please communicate to Daveda at the desk that you will be absent. Her email is

If you have been exposed to COVID and/or have a household member in isolation that has tested COVID positive you may come to dance if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You are 100% symptom-free.
  2. You have received both vaccines AND a subsequent booster shot.
  3. You were vaccinated with both injections in the past 6 months and therefore do not meet criteria for the booster.
  4. AND You have communicated your status to Daveda and have provided a proof of vaccination card.

Please refer to the following links to the NHDHHS for more details for vaccinated individuals with COVID exposure:

NOTE:If you are not vaccinated-please refer to these guidelines:

If you have tested positive for COVID- you may return to dance when you have been cleared to return to school. You must be entirely symptom free and isolated for at least 5 days. 

We will continue to require masks for all staff/students/visitors in the building. Many students have gotten a little casual about snacking together with masks down in between classes. Removal of masks for eating and drinking must be done at least 6 feet from peers. If you must snack or have a meal here because you have multiple classes, please do so away from all others. 

The most important message we wish to convey is that you communicate with us whenever COVID impacts a student so we can make the best decisions for the community as a whole. We appreciate your patience as we continue to manage through this health crisis.
Saturday Schedule Changes & Patrick Planet Choreography:

There will be no tap classes this Saturday with Adreana- they will be made up at a later date. 
Here is the class adjusted schedule:

9-10 Ballet IV
10-11 PG Ballet & Advanced Tap
11-12 SCDC/ Pointe II
12-12:30 SCDC Pointe

Patrick will begin working on his new Hip Hop Production piece at 12:30pm. He plans to work for 2 hours. This workshop is mandatory for all HH groups. If you are out on Saturday due to COVID, please find a peer/captain to teach you the dance when you return. Patrick will be back on 1/22 to clean and make any tweaks.
Sarah Fazio:

Sarah will be back this year to teach Master Class for all levels and set a new piece of choreography. She will be coming Thursday, Feb 17th. Schedule adjustments will be communicated to accommodate her visit. We will communicate adjustments those in coming weeks. 
Dance Excellence
Instructors in LA:
As Dance Excellence notifies us of the artists that will be a part of the program we will add the Dance Excellence page on the nhapa site.
Final Payments:
As communicated this summer, the final installment for the trip will be due January 20th. This will include $800 pp plus the portion of the extra night ($175/number in room) as well as the additional fee for rooms with less than four and any Boards fees.
Workshops Coming Up:

We have some workshops coming up. Below is what is coming this week and next. Please visit company corner for more scheduled workshops. Please also complete any outstanding workshop fees in Studio Director.

JPG Lyrical: Jan 6th, 4:30-5:30
Combined PG/SCDC Lyrical: Jan 6th, 3:30-4:30
SCDC Contemporary: Jan 7th, 6-7
PG Contemporary: Jan 7th, 7-8
Patrick Planet Choreo: Jan 8th, 12:30-2

Note: SCDC Ballet Group Workshop for tomorrow (Jan 6th) is cancelled. The rescheduled workshop date will be posted in company corner on the website.
Summer 2020:

Our intensive and audition dates are set. Please hold these dates in your calendar. In addition to these dates we will still be offering a variety of pop ups throughout the summer. 

Intensive Week One- June 20-23
Intensive Week Two- July 18-21
Intensive Week Three- August 22-25
Audition: June 24-25
Gala: March 19th, Blue Ocean Music Hall

You should have received an email with Gala updates. Tickets will be going on sale at the beginning of next month.

This is the seating chart for anyone that is not familiar with the layout.