Volume 24 2021-2022 Season
We will be having classes on Monday 12/20 and Tuesday 12/21. Our holiday break will be from Wednesday 12/22- Sunday, 1/2. Classes will resume on Monday, 1/3.
Not Feeling Well?:

As we enter into the season with many bugs/viruses, we appreciate those of you that are taking COVID tests when you aren't feeling well. Please continue to do so and communicate results. However, when you are negative yet still feel poorly (headache, stomachache, cold symptoms), please choose to stay home. If you are at dance and not feeling well, we will ask you to head home.
Dance Excellence
Instructors in LA:
As Dance Excellence notifies us of the artists that will be a part of the program we will add the Dance Excellence page on the nhapa site.
Final Payments:
As communicated this summer, the final installment for the trip will be due January 20th. This will include $800 pp plus the portion of the extra night ($175/number in room) as well as the additional fee for rooms with less than four and any Boards fees.
Workshops Coming Up:

This will be the last update until we reopen so please make sure to take note of the scheduled workshops.

We have some workshops coming up. Below is what is coming this week and next. Please visit company corner for more scheduled workshops. Please also complete any outstanding workshop fees in Studio Director.

SCDC Modern: Dec 16th/ 3:30-4:30
JPG Lyrical: Dec 16th/ 4:30-5:30
SCDC Ballet Group: Dec 16th/ 4:30-5:30

JPG Lyrical: Jan. 6th/ 4:30-5:30
Combined PG/SCDC Lyrical: Jan 6th/ 3:30-4:30
SCDC Contemporary: Jan. 7th/ 6:00-7:00
Hip Hop Production (Patrick Planet): Jan. 8th/ 1:00-2:30

You should have received an email from Kim Patent regarding senior solos, costumes, etc. Please check your email for this information.