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June 28, 2022

On a recent episode of Modern Pumping Today's The Efficiency Point podcast, Ship & Shore President and CEO, Anoosheh Oskouiandiscusses how Ship & Shore Environmental works to provide reliable, innovative, and efficient technologies that help clients collect, reduce, and even eliminate harmful emissions.


June 28, 2022

The award honors women of outstanding achievement in the local business community. Ship & Shore President and CEO, Anoosheh Mostafaei-Oskouian was nominated for the award this past year.


June 28, 2022

Ship & Shore President and CEO, Anoosheh Oskouian, was recently featured in the Summer 2022 edition of Newport Beach Magazine to highlight her personal story and share a few of her favorite spots to frequent in the Newport Beach area.


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Technical Corner

Technical content is available on our website as your ultimate resource for understanding your unit and the impacts of air pollution on the environment.

A Flare for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Control

There are essentially two types of flares which can be used for VOC control: an elevated, open-flame (known as a candlestick flare), and an enclosed flare.

Can you destroy Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in a boiler?

The typical high fire operating temperature of a boiler exceeds that, making this method attractive. However, there are many operating phases of a boiler that will make this method almost impossible.

High-Cycle Valves in Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

For the last decade, a lot of emphasis has been laid on the selection of the ceramic media and burners for RTOs while the most critical piece of the RTO operation – High Cycle Valves – has been overlooked.

California lawmakers are ready to decarbonize the shipping industry. The technology isn't there yet.

City council members of Long Beach unanimously passed a resolution of zero carbon emissions by 2030. This would help curb global warming as the shipping industry accounts for 3% of all global warming.

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Rethinking the Data Center: Hydrogen Backup is Latest Microsoft Moonshot

Microsoft has accelerated its bid to rethink the data center. Its research groups have unveiled a series of innovations to reduce the impact of its computing operations on the environment. The latest of these “moonshots” is the deployment of a 3-megawatt hydrogen generator producing that can replace diesel generators.

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Thank you Lost Angeles Business Journal and Michael Aushenker for the interview with our CEO, Anoosheh Oskouian, who shares her experiences about being a female business leader and transforming a company in this special report on women-owned businesses. 

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Thank you Jay Campbell & Modern Pumping Today for this insightful interview with our CEO, Anoosheh Mostafaei-Oskouian. On this latest episode of MPT’s The Efficiency Point podcast, Anoosheh discusses how Ship & Shore Environmental works to provide reliable, innovative, and efficient technologies that help clients collect, reduce, and even eliminate pollution emissions. 

Listen to "Episode 23: Pollution Abatement Comes of Age" at the links below.

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The heavily industrialized stretch of the Mississippi River extending from Baton Rouge to south of New Orleans accounts for more than half of the state's greenhouse gas footprint some years, according to a new analysis. The small sliver of Louisiana produces anywhere from 26% to 55% of the state’s disproportionately large amount of greenhouse gas emissions for nearly 50 years.

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