June 2010
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Quote of the Day: "Only those that try the impossible, achieve the unbelievable"  ~ Edson Mattos, AIFT participant.
Appreciative Inquiry -  Stories of Success

Words Create Worlds - January to March 2010

Congratulations to newly Certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitators (AICF) Sarah Shumpert (AIFT 2009 Vancouver), Judy Tso (AIFT 2010 College Park, MD) and the team of Claudine Lowry, Janet Bryne and Catherine MacLean (AIFT 2008, Springfield, MD).

Each of these newly certified Facilitators completed the four-day intensive training followed by a supervised practicum including their documentation. They have given us permission to post their practicums to the blog. You can read their practicums by clicking here.
Sarah Shumpert worked with the Tri-County Technical College and their positive topic was "Developing the Meaning and Value of Institutional Research." Sarah gave us permission to use the Tri-County Technical College practicum, please read their story of success on our blog.

Judy Tso worked with an outstanding team and reports that her personal outcomes were met and that "the inquiry guide really doesn't need to be modified much. There is no need to agonize about this part". You can find Judy's story on the Company of Experts Blog titled, "Coming Together: the Future of Communication at the University of Maryland".

Claudine Lowry, Janet Byrne and Catherine MacLean their practicum in January 2009 with the Nova Scotia Community College Advisory Committee on Portfolio which included senior leaders from the President's office, Administrative Services, Academic Services, Marketing and Communication, People and Planning, Student Services, International, and Human Resources.  These representatives were carefully chosen for their ability to influence cascading change and were invited by the Vice-President, People and Planning. 

The positive topic for consideration was Portfolio - what it means for NSCC and how it does and can influence our mission of education without boundaries - how can we at NSCC, using Portfolio, become as a college even better than we are? The full details for this project - Using Appreciative Inquiry to re-imagine our College Strategy can be found on our blog. This is an ongoing project.

We have a number of practicums completed and will have those in the next edition of the Words Create Worlds. To read all of Company of Experts' success stories, please click here.
New Journeys

Deborah Blue has let us know that she has accepted a new position as Chancellor of  State Center Community College in California.

Michael O'Neal has retired from his position of President of H. Lavity Stoutt Community College Virgin Islands.

We hope we did not miss your changes. Please let us know and we will try to include you in the next newsletter.
Summer Reading
  From Experts on Call

Lane Glenn, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Northern Essex Community College sent this email to several of us recently:

" I ran across this article in Community College Week and thought you might enjoy it. I particularly like the young man's name for his work--"soul push-ups. May all of your encounters and all of your efforts be just as complimentary--enjoy" Look for Compliment Dude, we thank the Community College Week for spotlighting this student.

Cheri Torres recommends: The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict by The Arbinger Institute. "The basic premise or philosophy presented in this book is that conflict arises when we act from Heart at War.  We can perform the same actions-either with a Heart at Peace or a Heart at War.  A Heart at Peace is one the sees others as people with hopes, needs, cares and fears as real as one's own.  A Heart at War sees others as objects: obstacles, vehicles or irrelevancies.  Conflict is inevitable, they say, when we act as if others are objects."  You can find this book on Amazon.
Letter to Mandela
 A Short Video by Luke Younge

Ezelle Theunissen, our Trainer/Facilitator in South Africa sent us the following video link from Luke Younge. Luke recently completed the AIFT in Capetown and his practicum which we will have posted in the next edition of Words Create Worlds.

 Luke is an amazing filmmaker and we are honored to share this video with you!  For those watching the World Cup - embracing the energy of many countries and people uniting to recognize the strengths of individuals, of teams and of each country - you will definitely want to watch A Letter to Mandela.

Thank you Luke!
Organizational Change
   Where does it Start?

Most people believe change starts at the top - and many times it does. But, sustainable change empowers and engages the stakeholders.   Often, one person will attend one of our workshops or read how other organizations are creating changes  - we are talking about culture shifts. Sometimes this change begins with a CEO/President and more often with someone who is seeking a better way to create that change.

All of our stories are being challenged these days-stories about the economy, education, politics, the family, the future, the environment, and on and on. Something new is struggling to emerge and we all have part in what emerges. Practicing AI means expanding positive possibilities and opportunities, listening and learning, and connecting more deeply with others as we work together to create a sustainable future for everyone.

Organizations are about people and you need to have the tools and skills to create environments that are healthy and productive.  Our commitment is to provide you with the tools to develop and support your long range human development plans. 

You will find  workshops, trainings, webinars and coaching sessions, that are intended to provide you and your organization with cost effective and meaningful learning experiences. Learning that includes dialogue and practice to raise awareness and capacity for collaboration. 

We offer workshops, trainings and webinars that you may register for. The greatest concentration of our work is with organizations - small and large who are taking the time and making the commitment to their human capital to ensure their organization's success for the future.

"This is one of the most valuable workshops I've attended.  Very insightful.  A powerful tool to assist/empower organizations and their employees to reach new heights & maximum potential."  Tertia Havenga, Regional Head of Learning & Development for Africa, British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Pretoria, South Africa.
Stories of Positive Change in the Community College: Appreciative Inquiry in Action
Nancy Stetson Book
 Dr. Nancy Stetson has received amazing feedback from the community college's and from the Appreciative Inquiry community including this from Gervase Bushe "This is the best collection of AI cases I have seen - what a gift!"

You can purchase Nancy's book or download it for a very reasonable price.

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Summer Reading
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