August  2010
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We each feel so fortunate to be working in a business where each day brings us into contact with friends. Not customers or clients but friends. We hear your stories of success and your challenges that life and work bring to you. We receive letters and phone calls offering us suggestions about how we may improve what we do and what we offer. Each recommendation is genuine and personal and we value each one of you who take the time to help us as we grow and develop.

We never know who we will hear from or when but we love knowing how you are. So, never hesitate to call or write. We are doing a lot of social networking these days so that we have resources and information available to as many people as possible. We all do things differently. For some a phone call is the preferred communication and for others it is Face Book. We will keep reaching out and hope to have you reach out and let us know how you are doing and what you might want more of.

Sometimes our friends have a tough time and that is the case for Linda Watkins. Linda is an Expert on Call, and a former community college president. Linda has been very active with Achieving the Dream Colleges. She is a wonderfully, warm and compassionate person. We heard from her that her husband John passed away on August 9th following an allergic reaction to medication. We send our deepest sympathy to Linda and her daughters.

Stories of Success

Featured in the current issue of   Words Create Worlds
April to June 2010

Congratulations to newly Certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitators. We have many more who will be featured in the next newsletter!

Sharon Freese, Creating Patient Centered Care through Inquiry

Sue Grolnic, Exemplary College Readiness

Meredith Persily Lamel, leadership at it's best

Ellen Rosenberg, Being All We Can Be

Tony Schnell, Community Development

Luke Younge, Energizing an Arts NGO

Amy Adams and Gilman Sullivan, Outstanding Customer Service

Each of these newly certified Facilitators completed the four-day intensive training followed by a supervised practicum including their documentation. When we have permission to post their practicum on our website you will find these stories  here.

Luke Younge is a talented filmmaker - check out Luke is a very talented filmmaker - His film Tomorrow' Cities may be viewed

Partnerships that save you money!

Adjunct Success features topical subjects each month including webinars, readings and other great stuff for those who teach part-time in higher education in the U.S.

Any college or university that sponsors one or more department chairs to the Department Chair Institute will receive 20 complimentary licenses to Adjunct Success. This is a savings of $790.00. Review the Adjunct Success website for more details. This offer will not last long!
Conversations Creating Our Future
 A Short Video by College of North Atlantic - Qatar

Rolene Pryor and Kelly Saratesky saw an opportunity to open dialogue at CNA-Q and engage all stakeholders in the strategic planning process. They quickly chose a focus "Creating our Future Together". These two women are looking to the positive side of human behavior to create a culture of compassion, understanding and change. You may view the video at their three minute video and read their story on our blog under success stories.

And this is just PART ONE of their planning process!

Back to School Special
Save 20% but hurry this sale ends soon!

Register between August 25 to August 26, 2010 for one of these outstanding sessions. Each session includes information, practical advice and techniques to put into immediate use at work, home or in the classroom.

Learning to Be Curious: The Heart of AI, Sept 9, 2010

The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Students, Sept 16, 2010

Healing the HealthCare Organization, Sept 23, 2010

Appreciative Inquiry for Change Agents, Sept 30, 2010

Bringing outstanding training to your organization just became more affordable.
Organize a team or group to watch the webinar together live or use the recording at a later time that is best for your team.

Regular Price: $189.00 each webinar
Sale Price: $151.00 each webinar
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Organizational Change
   Where does it Start?

Positive feedback is what we all want more of! We work with the best people who are so generous with their kind words and wisdom. We appreciate all of you who call or write us.

 "This is one of the most valuable workshops I've attended.  Very insightful.  A powerful tool to assist/empower organizations and their employees to reach new heights & maximum potential."  Tertia Havenga, Regional Head of Learning & Development for Africa, British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Pretoria, South Africa. Thank you Tertia!

Most people believe change starts at the top - and many times it does. But, sustainable change empowers and engages the stakeholders.  Often, one person will attend one of our workshops or read how other organizations are creating change  - not small change. We are talking about a culture shift in how we work together, plan together and live together. Sometimes this change begins with a CEO/President and more often with someone who is seeking a better way to create that change.

All of our stories seem to be of challenge these days-stories about the economy, education, politics, the family, the future, the environment, and on and on. Something new is struggling to emerge and we all have the ability to be part of what emerges. Practicing AI means expanding positive possibilities and opportunities, listening and learning, and connecting more deeply with others as we work together to create a sustainable future for everyone.

Organizations are about people and you need to have the tools and skills to create environments that are healthy and productive.  Our commitment is to provide you with the tools to develop and support your long range human development plans. 

You will find  workshops, trainings, webinars and coaching sessions, that are intended to provide you and your organization with cost effective and meaningful learning experiences. Learning that includes dialogue and practice to raise awareness and capacity for collaboration. 

The greatest concentration of our work is with organizations - small and large who are taking the time and making the commitment to their human capital to ensure their organization's success for the future.
Stories of Positive Change in the Community College: Appreciative Inquiry in Action
Nancy Stetson Book
 Dr. Nancy Stetson has received amazing feedback from the community college's and from the Appreciative Inquiry community including this from Gervase Bushe "This is the best collection of AI cases I have seen - what a gift!"

You can purchase Nancy's book or download it for a very reasonable price.

In This Issue
Case Studies of Success
Partnerships Saving Money
Conversations Create Our Future
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Organizational Change
Live Webinars 

Healing the Healthcare Organization with AI

Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training

Department Chair Institute

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