A Note from Louisa 

How grateful I feel for the warm weather! Finally! Though I chuckle to myself that, in a few short months, we'll all be complaining that it's been too warm for too long and "when will that cooler fall air finally arrive"?


Observing my dampening mood over these last few gasping breaths of winter, I've noted in myself that all too human trait of dissatisfaction. No matter how well things are going or how good life is, I, as a bonafide Homo Sapien, remain painfully unfulfilled.  Always looking for the thing that will make the world more aligned to my liking. Certain that there is a way to always be comfortable and why can't I just get there already?


This, naturally, leads to striving and resistance as I wish that things might be other than they are.


Perhaps there is satisfaction, but from a less likely source than we might expect? It's good to have a back-up plan when the external world refuses to be cajoled into the shape of what we believe happiness to be.


As we learn to understand, tolerate and release a need to control our environment, we see that we are building resilience. In this way, when we don't get the job, our relationship fails, or winter holds on far too long, we are not thrown so far off balance. 


Instead, we learn to expect that the world (and the weather) will not conform to our desires, needs and whims, and we can gain satisfaction in the knowledge that we are not as thrown off by inevitable uncertainty.


This month, Stephanie shows us how she took a potentially perilous situation and found in it deep joy and gratitude.  You'll find her article below.


In joy and compassion (and less complaining),

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Workshops & Events
Mindfulness Talk & Guided Meditation
Facilitated by Laura Crosby
Wednesday Mornings, from 11:15 am - 12:00 pm
April 11th - May 9th
Fifteen minute teachings followed by group discussion & meditation. Deepen understanding and practice of mindfulness as we draw on teachings about bringing mindfulness and meditation to essential life experiences ... stress, relationships, difficult emotions, habits, change, conflict, and more.  Following a 15-20 minute teaching, we will have a facilitated group discussion and a meditation based on the teaching.  Some mindfulness practice helpful, but not required. All materials and supplies provided. This session is freely offered.   There is no charge to participate. This is a drop-in offering. No registration is required.
Compassion & Peace over Lunch
Facilitated by Laura Crosby
Wednesday Afternoons, from 12:30 - 1:30 pm
April 11th - May 9th
Group sessions for cultivating compassion and peace in everyday life Experience and cultivate your innate compassion and peace. Engage in group discussion and mindfulness/meditation practices to bring loving-kindness and compassion to ourselves and others, while finding greater equanimity and calm. Some mindfulness practice helpful, but not required. Bring your own snack. All other materials and supplies provided. This session is freely offered.  There is no charge to participate. This is a drop-in offering. No registration is required.
Truly Nourished: Creating Self-Acceptance and Body Freedom
Facilitated by Stephanie Nielsen, MA, RWP, CHEK-HLC, Pn1
Monday Evenings, 5:15 - 6:45 pm
April 30th - June 4th
Love Your Body with this 6-week mindful eating and skill building course!
Are you holding yourself back from fully living life until you lose weight or have the perfect body? Do you imagine how it would feel to replace the anxiety, self-criticism, and guilt you feel around food with joy, self-nourishment, and respect? Do you struggle with fatigue, cravings, and digestive upset?
This 6-week journey will help you move through negative self-talk, build a supportive environment, teach you to listen to your body, and awaken your natural ability to support your health and well-being.
Tuition of $260.00 includes guided journal activities, light movement, inspiration, nutrition tips, and simple recipes for lifelong vitality. This class has a maximum of 8 participants.
For more information, contact Stephanie at stephsnielsen@gmail.com or 402-690-1051 or register at www.thecenterformindfullivingomaha.com.

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Series
Facilitated by Kara Cavel, LICSW, Ph.D.
Thursday Evenings, from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
May 31st - July 12th (no class on June 14th)
Because trauma is often stored in the body, yoga-based interventions are a way to approach healing through a somatic experience in an effort to rebuild a sense of connection to the self by becoming curious about the experience of being.  For those interested, you can expect to engage in an embodied practice that utilizes movement and breath work as a way to experience the present moment, feel empowered to make choices, take effective action, and to experience the flow of creating rhythm or synchrony with your breath and body. 
This yoga series is ideal for individuals who have an established relationship with a psychotherapist and who attend weekly therapy. 
Tuition for the 6-week series is $150 dollars ($25 dollars per class).  The group will consist of 6 or fewer individuals due to limited space and it is highly recommended that the participants attend all 6 sessions.  

Mindfulness Study Group
Facilitated by Laura Crosby
1st and 3rd Sundays of each month from 4-6 p.m
Join us as we begin Reflections on Silver River by Ken McLeod. This short work is part translation of a revered Tibetan poem on 37 mindfulness and compassion practices and part short reflections on how these teachings apply to life today.  
The Group will read together, so there is no pre-reading or homework involved. Copies of the book will be available for use in the study session or to check-out. There is no charge to participate. Drop-ins welcome at any time - feel free to jump in at any point! While this selection is based on Buddhist mindfulness teachings, the Study Group as a whole is not religiously affiliated. No registration required.
Featured Article
Comparison, Curiosity, and Compliments
By Stephanie Nielsen, MA,
Restorative Wellness Practitioner
A month ago, my husband and I attempted to escape the brisk February weather and ventured to Vegas. I had never been there before, and I was excited to eat incredible food and watch breathtaking performances.
Our first night we attended an acrobatic burlesque-style show. Upon immediate entrance into the theater, I felt the ghosts of not-quite-good-enough past creep into my thoughts as I looked at photos adorning the wall of beautiful performers in well-positioned strips of cloth.
That would have normally lead me into a comparison and shame nose-dive, except... I noticed my thoughts. (Awareness, you are small and mighty.) I coat-checked my comparison cloak at the door-it's rather itchy and unflattering-and found warmth in my cozy cardigan of curiosity. After all, I did knowingly choose to go to a burlesque show, so why not embrace all that it is? Hi-five Carl Jung-no more resisting and persisting for this girl!
Now, it wasn't quite that simple. Life rarely is.
I was still a bit uneasy... pretty sure I held my husband's hand and gave it a squeeze-nothing wrong with asking for support. However, as I observed my surroundings and sat in awe of the performers, I felt a profound shift in my mind and body.
While I consciously told myself the limiting belief of comparison wasn't welcomed right now, I noticed the curiosity I replaced those beliefs with had effortlessly transitioned to compliments.
No longer was I wondering who choreographed the movements-I was part of the dance. The kaleidoscope of strength, courage, and joy before me, reflected the smile, laughter, and wonder within me. These performers were amazing and beyond my scope of talent, and yet I had never felt more at ease with my body and mind.
And that is what I want for you.
Not necessarily to replace comparison with compliments, but to find the answer within yourself. Forget the noise of the "should" and "oughts", and lean into the discomfort of your limiting beliefs-whatever they may be-and ask why those thoughts are occurring in the first place.
Get curious, because it is in that curiosity that you begin to set aside self-judgment (and, spoiler alert, judgment of others), understand yourself better, embrace what is, and discover tools that work for you to navigate through your limiting beliefs.

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