Anti-Racism as a Spiritual Practice
Service Leader: Rev. Christine Dance
Sometimes our justice work is external, but it is often most powerful when we do the internal work. Join us to explore how anti-racism work can be a powerful internal exercise, even a spiritual exercise.
 Please note! This week: two services
9:30 AM and 11:15 AM
Inquirers Newcomer Group
Sundays, 11:45 am

Inquirers is offered on most Sundays, as a place for newcomers to connect, learn about UUCP how this can be a congregational home for you.

There is no Inquirers meeting this week.
Share The Plate September 22
Booker T. Washington
Child Development Center

On Sunday 9/22, we will share our offering with Booker T. Washington Child Development Center. Booker T. Washington Child Development Center was founded in 1967 and UUCP members have been active at BTW since the beginning. The mission of BTW is to nurture young children through quality preschool programs, to inspire children to use creativity and to discover freely the world around them. Community donations are essential to supplement the continued reductions in Federal Head Start funding and maintain the Five Star quality of our programs.
Social Justice Opportunities
Sunday, September 22 at the back of the sanctuary
Civic Engagement

  • The Civic Engagement table will have material on how to amplify the “asks” made by youth at the September 20 Global Climate Strike rallies.
  • We continue to offer information on how to help the new IRC Welcome Center for immigrants passing through Phoenix, and to request your input on Civic Engagement’s issue focus.
Earth Justice Ministry/ Green Sanctuary

The Earth Justice Ministry invites you to join us Sunday, 10/06/19 at about 12:30 in Annex G for our regular monthly meeting. The date has been moved up so as to prepare for a talk by Carol Manetta on Sunday 10/13/19 about "Greening the Desert", large-scale planning for water generation and conservation in food production. Newcomers are welcome, and refreshments will be provided.

Green Tip: Drive more efficiently (fewer trips, less idling, coast to red lights) and, when needed, replace your old car with an electric or hybrid car. 
Blue Tip: Take shorter (4-5 min.) showers and set your water heater to 120 degrees F. It will reduce energy used but not feel that different.
The staff of UUCP--with the affirmation of the Board of Trustees—is participating in the September 20 th Global Climate Strike. The Unitarian Universalist Association, our Social Justice arm Side With Love and the UU Ministry for Earth are all participating in this action. The strike is to demand transformative action be taken to address the climate crisis. There will be a march from Phoenix City Hall to the AZ State Capitol from 2-6pm on the 20th.  Find more information here.

Fighting climate breakdown is about much more than emissions and scientific metrics – it’s about fighting for a just and sustainable world that works for all of us. If we are going to fight for this, we need everyone.
Let's show our government what people power is capable of.  #ClimateStrike
Tuesday, September 24 at 7 PM
Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church PHX
1401 E Jefferson St, Phoenix

Katharine Hayhoe is a leading climate scientist, professor of political science, and is well-known for engaging diverse communities, including Evangelicals, in the climate change movement. Hayhoe is the founder of ATMOS Research, an organization that bridges the gap between scientists and stakeholders to provide relevant, state-of-the-art information on the impacts of climate change. Hayhoe is the best-selling author of eight books, including Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions.

In this talk, Hayhoe will discuss what climate change means to us in the places where we live. Join us for a conversation on the intersection of climate science, impacts, communication, and faith.

Co-sponsored by Arizona Interfaith Power & Light, Citizens Climate Lobby, Arizona Faith Network, Franciscan Renewal Center, Sierra Club, Elders for Climate Acton, and CHISPA Arizona. This is a free event.
Program Council Meeting
Saturday, September 21, 9am-12pm
I f you are a leader of any of our congregational committees/teams/groups, please join us for the first of our three Program Council meetings. We’ll be having in-depth conversations with Rev. Dance about her initial impressions of UUCP, her priorities and how we can work together to make UUCP an even more amazing congregation. If you can’t attend, we encourage you to find someone in your group/team/committee to join us.
Schumann Cello Concerto in Concert
Thurs. Sept. 26, 7:00-7:30pm
UUCP Sanctuary
Schumann Cello Concerto in concert

Please welcome one of the best cellists in Phoenix to our sanctuary! Melita Hunsinger, Prinicipal Cello of the Phoenix Symphony, will be joined by Gail Novak on piano to present a 30-minute program featuring the Schumann Cello Concerto. This masterful concerto is deeply expressive, whimsical and dramatic.

Opportunities to Connect and Serve
Community Nights Are Back!
Thursday evening September 26

Community Potluck Celebrating Summer’s Harvest. 
Bring anything that makes you think of Summer Harvest!

Future Masculine Men’s Group 6:30 pm-8:30 pm, Annex C
Schumann Cello Concerto in concert • 6:00 PM, Sanctuary
Chalice Kids • 6:30-9:00 PM Room 15
Color to Calm • 7:00PM Johnson Room

Looking ahead
October 3: Parents of Kids Nacho Night
Nacho Night with all the Fixins! Parents of children, please sign up
to bring Nacho Toppings. Chips and cheese provided.

Fall Hiking Season!
The fall hiking season is about to start up with a terrific season opener. Join the Outdoor Group for a weekend of camping and hiking at Sunset Crater National Monument just outside of Flagstaff. The fun begins on Friday, October 4 and continues into Sunday, October 6. If you enjoy being outdoors, you do not want to miss this! For full details please visit our website .

Contact  with any questions.
Help Us Keep Access to Our Entrance!
We need your help! As part of the Lincoln Drive construction project, the Town of Paradise Valley has drawn some plans for medians that will restrict our access to and from Lincoln Drive. We want to flood the city with emails. You can use the copy below (or write your own) and send it to the mayor at .

Subject: Entrance/Exit to Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix
Dear Paradise Valley Mayor Bien-Willner,
I am writing out of concern for the median plan design for access to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix from Lincoln Drive.
The alternatives that the city has suggested will create major issues for our
congregation. It is critical that we can enter and exit campus from both the westbound and eastbound lanes of Lincoln. We are a large congregation that also houses two schools and our facility is used 7 days a week for more than 14 hours a day. The current design would create severe accessibility and safety issues for us.
We urge you to reconsider and revise the plans. For more information, please refer to the email sent from our Minister, the Reverend Christine Dance. You can contact her or our Administrator Lora Gustafson at 602-840-8400.

Thank you,
[insert your name here]
Open Drop-in Small Group
This group meets monthly, on the 3rd Thursday, from 7-8:20pm, starting Oct 17, in Annex B. This is an opportunity, to be with others and focus on the congregation’s monthly theme. Members, nonmembers, and friends are welcome to share perspectives, have conversations, or chose to sit and listen. Prior to the monthly meeting, information on the designated theme, will be sent to those participating in the group. Registration is not required to join this open attendance group.

Contact Linda Vance ( with questions.
Sunday, Sept 29th from 11:45-3pm
(After our single service from 10:30-11:30)    
Join us to energize the minister-congregation relationship with our new minister’s Startup Workshop! The main purposes of a ministerial startup workshop are:

  • To help the congregation and new minister become more aware of UUCP’s expectations, habits, and assumptions; 
  • To help the congregation understand more about their new minister: her style of ministry, her professional boundaries, and her openness to feedback;
  • To talk about the ongoing work of healing and trust-building in the ministerial relationship; and
  • To give input into priorities for Christine’s first year of the ministry. 
Our intent is to offer a workshop that respects and honors the traditions of the congregation while also helping to free the congregation to make choices and not simply repeat habits from the past. The workshop will be facilitated by Rev. Sarah Gibb Millspaugh from the Pacific Western Region.

Lunch will be provided. Childcare will be provided. 
A Few More Ushers Needed

Help support our small, but mighty usher teams! One more person added to most of our teams will help us do an even better job welcoming and supporting our congregants and guests before and during services. Remember, you only serve once a month. We'd love to have you join us!
Please contact Paisley at to help serve our beloved community!
Be A Greeter

 This is a chance to meet members and visitors in the lobby on Sunday mornings. It only takes 45 minutes before service for you to participate in this important ministry. And it is easy! Just smile, answer questions and you will be trained to handle anything you don’t already know.
Please contact Joan Gale at or 602-796-3511 to volunteer. We are so grateful for all who volunteer.
Living Into The Living System
Service Leader:
Rev. Sarah Millspaugh

Wisdom from science and spirituality alike is pointing to the deep truth of our interconnection with all life. At this time in our lives, as global citizens, as Unitarian Universalists, as people trying to get by in an increasingly anxious world, how do we live with love and integrity? How do we engage “the system" with resilience, wisdom, and creativity?

Join with our regional staff Rev. Sarah Gibb Millspaugh to reflect on how we are to live together in congregations and in the world during these extraordinary times.

One Service at 10:30 will be followed by a Congregational Workshop with Rev. Sarah, designed for new ministers and congregations to get off to a good start.
Join Us For The Fall Fundraiser
The fall 2019 fundraiser is a “Celebration of Community and Earth,” a musical concert starring former Christy Minstrel Igor Glenn, plus Alisa Phoenix and Carolyn Allenby along with folk instrumentalists.

This is the major fundraiser for this year. There will not be an auction. Tickets are on a sliding scale from $15.00 - $60.00. $15.00 will get you in the door; however, if you can dig deeper, please know your generosity will be greatly appreciated by all in the UUCP Congregation!
To encourage family participation, 18 and younger are free! Please consider
bringing your friends and relatives!

Wine, beer, soft drinks, and water will be available at modest prices as will desserts to sweeten up the evening.
UUCP Doors open at 6:30 PM. Music from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

To volunteer to assist with the evening’s event or to donate a dessert, please call or text Bonnie
White 562-889-9404 or e-mail

UUCP Pastoral Care
Are you experiencing stress, life transition, or illness? If you could talk with someone who listens, respects you, cares about you, and values what you confide, would it help? Rev. Christine Dance is available for Pastoral Care support: .

Later this year and at the direction of Rev. Dance, Lay Pastoral Care Associates will extend this presence, to provide compassionate and discreet support when needed. 

Unicare continues to provide practical, "doing" help: .
UUJAZ's Issues + Action Day
The Issues + Action Day will combine workshops full of justice partners leading us in actions, incredible food and time for building relationships, inspiring music and speakers, and a surprise evening event! Join us at the UU Church of Surprise Saturday, October 26th.

Do you have your Issues + Action Day tickets yet? Be sure to snag them at the early bird price before October 1st!
Faith Development offers many ways to learn beyond the traditional classroom. Listen to a podcast, read books and articles, watch a Ted Talk, or check out a packet of printed articles from the welcome desk, or come to office 2 and access the curriculum on the computers. Our new curriculum will feature new areas of focus for each of mission pillars:
Radically Inclusive: Neuroinclusion
Justice Centered: Earth Justice
Theologically Diverse: Character,Values and Virtues
Upcoming Events
9/20 Walking Conversation Lovers 6:30am - 8:30am
9/21 Advanced Level Meditation• 10:00 AM-12:00PM, Annex B
9/22 Book Group • 11:00 AM-12:15 PM, Annex B
9/23 Open Arts & Crafts Studio • 9:30 AM-Noon, Johnson Room
9/23 Drummunity Drumming Group • 7:00-9:00 PM, Sanctuary
9/25 Choir Rehearsal • 7:00-9:00 PM, Sanctuary
9/25 Children's Ministry Parent Group • 6:30 PM-8:00 PM, Annex B 
9/26 Schumann Cello Concerto in concert • 6:00 PM, Sanctuary
9/26 Community Night Dinner • 6:00PM Johnson Room
9/26 Chalice Kids • 6:30-9:00 PM Room 15
9/26 Color to Calm • 7:00PM Johnson Room
9/26 Future Masculine Men's Group • 6:30PM-8:30 PM, Annex C