Sunday Services are Currently Online

10:30 AM
Rev. Christine Dance
with Worship Associate
Amy McKlindon
In The In-Between

We are living in the "in-between" space. We are definitely after one reality. And a new reality is coming, but we don't know when or what. Together, we'll explore how to be in the "liminal space" and how that requires us to just be in the right now.

Sunday’s service will be online in Zoom. 
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If you have problems with Zoom, you can view the service live on YouTube. Or after the service, you can watch it any time.
Share the Plate: 
The Minister’s Discretionary Fund
Our Share The Plate this week is to our own Minister’s Discretionary Fund. This fund is usually collected only on Christmas Eve and by special donations. These funds can be used by the Minister at her discretion but are most often used for pastoral care needs within the congregation. In the past, funds have been used to provide confidential assistance to those facing emergency needs such as, medical bills, utilities, or food for UUCP members or friends in need. We expect to see additional needs from congregation members during this time. We appreciate your generosity.  
Programming May 10th-16th
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May 10th

Immediately Following Service
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Immediately Following Service
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May 11th

8:30 am
Katie Resendiz
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1:00 pm           
Ms. Cherilyn
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May 12th

6:30 pm
Katie, Jezz & Chris
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May 13th

12:00 pm      
Rev. Christine
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3:30 pm
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6:30 pm
Chris Akin
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7:00 pm 
Benjie Messer
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7:30 pm
Rev. Christine
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May 14th

Death Cafe-Grief       
12:00 pm      
Rev. Christine 
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1:00 pm
Ms. Cherilyn
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Sarah Houghtelin
6:00 pm   
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May 15th

If you don’t have access to a computer, laptop or smart phone OR don’t want to be on video, you can simply call in to 346-248-7799 and enter the Meeting ID number.
Zoom Links on Compass Only
Please note that because of the concern of “Zoom Bombers” the links and passwords of all Zoom Gatherings besides worship will be listed on Compass only. If you know anyone who isn’t getting Compass, you can direct them to the website to fill in their email to receive it. If they have done that and are still having problems receiving it, they can email to get the email sent to them.  

Zoom Support
We have a Zoom support team to help members who are having problems with Zoom. The email address to request help is: . Send an email to this address stating your problem with what kind of device you have (i.e. what kind of smart phone, PC or Mac or Tablet). Include your name, phone number and email address. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

There have been several changes to the procedures for Zoom in the past week so this process is evolving. We will try to keep up with what is needed as it changes.
Looking for a way to support your UUCP community members who have been affected by COVID? 
We are looking for people to make and store batches of soup that can be delivered to people that are sick and in isolation. If you would prefer not to deliver the soup, we will have people available to pick up the soup and deliver it when it is needed.

Link for more details to MAKE AND STORE
Link to DELIVER SOUP:   
Civic Engagement Update

  • What does it mean to practice our principles during a pandemic?
  • What are we doing to guarantee free and fair elections in states targeted by voter suppression? 
  • How is UU the Vote rising to the challenges of COVID-19, while creating a movement towards UU values in the 2020 elections?

4:00-6:00pm MST .

This event will feature musicians from across the country,
a message from UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray
and opportunities for you to get involved and make meaningful impacts in 2020
UUCP Elections Coming Up!
Annual Meeting and Vote on June 14th
The Nominating Committee is excited to introduce our slate   of candidates for the upcoming all-membership elections for the UUCP Board of Trustees, UUFP, and the Nominating Committee. All three groups serve important roles in maintaining our congregation's vitality and advancing its mission of building religious community, growing in spirit, sharing journeys, and advancing justice.
  •  The UUCP Board works closely with the Minister and is responsible for the strategic management and oversight of the congregation. The term of office is two years.
  • The UUFP (UU Foundation of Phoenix) oversees the congregation's endowment and promotes legacy giving. The term of office is three years. 
  • The Nominating Committee recruits’ candidates for the two Boards and itself. The term of office is two years.
UUCP Board
Continuing Members:

  • Jonathan Lifshitz - President
  • Bunny Hodas - Vice President
  • Larry Reed - Treasurer
  • Kim St. Clair - Board Secretary
  • Jennifer Jones

  • Lucia De Vernai
  • Shelley Stephenson
  • Francis Wiget
  • Jacob Hayes (Youth Group)
  • Chloe Stephenson-Brown (Youth Group)
UU Foundation of Phoenix (UUFP)
Continuing Members:

  • Pierre Tariot
  • Michele Morgan
  • Diane Targovnik
  • Dan Hunn

  • Bonnie White
  • Jay Bastani
Nominating Committee
Continuing Members:

  • Walt Doherty
  • Karen Kurtz

  • Ted Myers
  • Julie Smart
  • Susan Morris
  • Daisy Danforth (1 Year Term)
Nominations may be still be made by petition of any ten members, provided the Petition is accompanied by a signed statement expressing the nominee’s willingness to serve if elected and is
submitted by May 27, 2020 .
2020 UUCP Nominating Committee:
Kat Dickson (chair), Betsy Bradley, Caroli Peterson, Val Wylie, Walt Doherty, or
Worship Next Week 5/17/20

Gary Ezzell, Katie Quinn & Daisy Danforth
There are many important milestones in our lives, even during a pandemic these thresholds continue. This Sunday we will breaking down three important ones: graduation/adulthood, family life, and retirement.
Stewardship Update
Our March month-long stewardship drive is over, but we are still hoping to get 100% of congregational participation. We still need forms from many of you. You may complete your commitment form online by clicking complete your pledge form online here . Or, you may enter your pledge amount and payment information in Realm (please select the drop-down to indicate "2020-2021 Pledge").
From UUJAZ (UU Justice Arizona):
UUJAZ Book Group
Its more important than ever to stay justice centered in our faith, as decisions made now will affect climate justice and structural inequity for years to come. Join Rev. Tina Squire the third Friday of each month at noon for a book discussion.

In May we'll start with An Indigenous People's History of the United States, the UUA Common Read for 2020, by Roxanne Ortiz.
Sign up here: 
In this time, please be courteous to the health and well being of Stephanie and Manuel, as they are the only two authorized to enter the Congregation at this time. If for any reason you need something from the building, please reach out to Rev. Christine ( or Stephanie Breidel-Vigil ( to make arrangements.
Staying Connected

It's important for all of us in the UUCP community to stay connected. We encourage any group that was meeting at UUCP before the closures to consider meeting again virtually.  Small groups are asked to set up regular Zoom meetings. Please contact our administrative assistant Stephanie at to schedule a room and a Zoom tutorial if you need it.
Do you have something that you’d like to lead on Zoom to help us stay connected? Please send your ideas to Reverend Christine at We are always looking for new ways to connect as a community.
Receiving Suspicious Emails
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 scammers have been sending out fictitious emails claiming to be Rev. Christine. Please be aware of emails asking for assistance or requesting you to purchase something. Rev. Christine will NEVER ask for money or gift cards over email. If you receive an email like this, please delete it.
UUA General Assembly is Now Virtual
June 24 th through June 28 th . General Assembly (GA) is the annual meeting of our Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Attendees worship, witness, learn, connect, and make policy for the Association through democratic process. Due to the Covid 19 Epidemic, the 2020 GA will be entirely virtual. Virtual Registrants may watch and ask  questions in live sessions including workshops and business sessions (mini-assemblies, hearings, etc).  Voting Delegates  are also able to propose amendments in the live business sessions, participate in debates, and vote in general sessions.

Virtual registration for General Assembly is $150 per person. Registration for General Assembly is the same process for  delegates  and non-delegates. To learn more about GA, please visi t 
  • Eligibility: You must be a member of UUCP to be a voting delegate. Non-members are welcome to attend as well.

If you would like to be a delegate for UUCP, please submit this online form:
This is a great opportunity to connect with UU’s around the country.
Our very own Benjie Messer will be the Music Coordinator this year.
Pastoral Care

In this difficult time, we encourage you to connect with our community and find support and comfort here. Please refer to the UUCP Website and the Pastoral Care Information and Requests link to request support, or provide volunteer support.

  • If you have not been contacted and wish to be included in a system of periodic check-ins, please email
  • By now, you should have heard from a Neighborhood connector —please make use of this opportunity and know that we have a network if we need it. 
  • Please let Rev. Christine know if you are showing symptoms of Covid-19 ( 
  • Please contact Rev. Christine if you have lost your employment. We don’t have tons of resources, but we’d love to support you however we can.
Sharing Your CARES Funds

We have had several inquiries about people donating their $1200 checks from the government. If you are lucky enough not to need your check, we are creating ways that you can donate it to UUCP -- to the Ministerial Discretionary Fund to support those in our congregation who are struggling financially or to community partners who are struggling at this time. Please contact if you would like to share your funds, and thank you.
Announcements for Compass:

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