Service Leader: Rev. Christine Dance

Other faith traditions take a piece of scripture and analyze it. This morning, we will take a song by popular musician Jason Mraz and search for the relevance to our lives as Unitarian Universalists. Join us for an uplifting morning of music and meaning.
Music: Mary Cota, band
Social Justice Opportunities
Sunday, January 5th at the back of the sanctuary
Civic Engagement

The AZ Legislature’s 2020 session begins next month. Due to the Women's March on January 19, the date has been changed for the training we're offering Arizona’s Request to Speak (RTS) system. THE NEW DATE IS SUNDAY, JANUARY 26 at 12:30 p.m. in Annex B. RTS is an online tool that lets citizens give ongoing feedback on bills. Save the date, and stop by the table to learn more about how this works!

We are no longer accepting donations of food and clothing at our table. We suggest that you donate to the Sojourner’s Center, a well-established and respected “safe haven from domestic violence” for women and children. They accept used clothing for men, women and children. You can call 602-253-9180 to arrange pickup or drop items off at their donation center. More info at .

HOWEVER, although we don’t accept physical donations at our table, The Welcome Center continues to have very specific needs for food and clothing, all available on their Amazon wish list. They tell us that what they need most right now (from Amazon) are: new socks, jackets and underwear (all kids’ sizes, small adult sizes).
Earth Justice Ministry
Earth Justice Ministry- will hold its next regular meeting on Sunday, Jan. 12th in Annex G after the second service, at about 12:30. Light refreshments are served and visitors are welcome. We will mainly be planning our Community Night Dinner and entertainment, plus a field trip to Tucson to visit Mission Gardens and Native Seeds.

Green Tip: Save energy by installing point of service water heating devices near your kitchen sink, shower or bathroom. That way you won't have to keep 50 gallons or so hot all day.

Blue Tip: Check your plumbing (especially toilets) for leaks. Just a few drops a minute become many tens of gallons over 24 hours. Putting food coloring in your toilet tank is one way to check for a leak. Or stop by our table to pick up a toilet leak kit. 

Call for Participants: Panel Discussions Coming in Spring 2020
The UUCP Inclusion Team is planning Thursday night panel discussions featuring members who have personally experienced neuro-diversity (including autism) or mental health conditions, such as bipolar disorder. Please consider sharing your story using a medium that feels right for you, including speaking, writing, or through a spokesperson. Want to participate or just learn more? Please contact Vince at or Amanda at
Traveling Second Fridays
Sanctuary, 7 pm

January 10
The Camino Frances: Walking Spain's Medieval Pilgrimage – by Jan Kaplan
In 2017, Jan walked the entire Camino Francés, or “French Way”, from the border of France to Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain, stopped for a couple of days, and then decided to keep walking to the ocean…a total of 747 miles. Come learn about this medieval pilgrimage route, and why people from all over the world continue to be drawn to it. You will walk with Jan, join her with friends and in solitude, and understand why she did a second pilgrimage, the Camino Portugués (Portuguese Way) in 2018.
Dethroning the Internal Oppressor
Join guest Reverend Amy Beltaine in a Workshop exploration of the Inanna Journey to dethrone the internal oppressor. Saturday Jan. 11 from 9 a.m to noon in the Johnson Room. Using meditation, journaling, singing, deep listening, and movement, this workshop will provide you with tools to undo the judge, censor, colonizer, and master and re-emerge with inner creative power.

The class will draw on teachings from Starhawk, Resmaa Menakem, Adrienne Maree Brown, and Joseph Campbell on myth and transformation. Cost is $35 cash or check.

 Click to register and for payment details. 
Let’s Make UUCP a Safer Congregation!
CPR/ First Aid Course
Learn CPR
Saturday, January 25
9:00am – 12:30pm
UUCP Sanctuary

The Safe Congregation Team is sponsoring a 3.5 hour hands-on certification course in CPR (Adult, Child, & Infant), Automated Electronic Defibrillator (AED) use, and Basic First Aid. Cost is $40 per person (check or cash at our Sanctuary sign-up table on Sundays), or $43 if paying by credit card on our online Realm system.   
New Member Weekend
Come join us the weekend of January 24 th (6-9pm) and January 25 th (9am-1pm) to learn more about UUCP and consider joining as a member. We will learn about the congregation, Unitarian Universalism, and get to know each other. Reach out to Rev. Dance ( if you are interested. 
Community Night Dinners are on break.
We will meet again January 16th
for more delicious meals and fellowship.
Next Sunday, January 12th
Divining The Body
Service Leader: Rev. Amy Beltaine

Let us gather to find again the divinity of our miraculous bodies, our beautiful souls. If you have ever thought that your body is too fat or thin, or your hearing aid is a flaw...
If you have ever run into an inaccessible doorway or airplane seat or hesitated to admit you take medication... Join us to re-member, to re-divine our sacred selves. Let us stand (or sit, walk or roll) together on the side of love for every-body!

Music: Mary Cota, Katie Quinn
Have you noticed that some members have blue, yellow, or purple ribbons attached to their name tags?  These ribbons, which may say Theological Diversity, Radical Inclusion, or Justice Centered, are areas of personal study available to us in the form of on-demand classes, books, articles, videos, podcasts, social media, and other ways to reflect and discuss each topic. UUCP is in the process of organizing this program for fall 2019. Sign up to get a ribbon and be contacted about classes at a table in the back of the Sanctuary before and after each Sunday Service.

Share The Plate with Abolish Private Prisons
S unday, January 19
9:30 AM & 11:15 AM

Abolish Private Prisons (“APP”) is dedicated to criminal justice reform, particularly the abolition of incarceration-for-profit. We must eliminate the profit incentive to lock people up. APP will challenge the constitutionality of prison privatization in federal court. APP will use donations from UUCP to educate the public about: Government’s abdication of its essential role in criminal justice; what segments of the public are impacted most by mass incarceration, and how profiteering drives mass incarceration and violates human dignity. UUCP’s donations will support our outreach, community awareness campaign, and preparation of litigation for the constitutional challenge. For more information, see
Upcoming Events

1/4 • Advanced Level Meditation • 10:00 AM-12:00 PM, Annex B
1/5 • Book Group • 11:00 AM-12:15 PM, Annex B
1/6 • Racial Justice Collaborative • 6:30 PM-8:30 PM, Annex B
1/7 • Small Group Ministry • 6:30 PM-8:00 PM, Annex B
1/8 • Small Group on Ageing • 2:30 PM-4:30 PM, Annex B
1/8 • UU Parenting: OWL Parents • 6:30 PM-8:00 PM, Annex B
1/8 • Choir Rehearsal • 7:00 PM-9:00 PM, Annex C
1/9 • Future Masculine Men’s Group• 6:30 PM-8:30 PM, Sanctuary


Four Seasons Strings Quartet plays Music of the Movies
Sunday Jan. 19
Doors open at 3:00pm, Concert from 4:00-5:00pm
Free of charge

The Four Seasons String Quartet plays music by film composers John Williams, Danny Elfman, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Alan Menken, and more. This concert is sponsored by Walmart's Northsight store in Scottsdale.