MARCH 10, 2019
Shall We Dance Our Way to a Unitarian Universalist Heaven?
Shall We Dance?
March 10th, 2019
Service Leader: Rev. Patty Willis

In February, I attended a dance workshop, “Shake Your Booty for Salvation.” People close to Dr. Martin Luther King say that they were always singing and dancing. Did that full body dive into joy re-charge their important work?  Have you sometimes lapsed into exhaustion in trying to bring more justice to this world? How would our movement transform if we loosened up, jumped in and danced?
Inquirers - Theological Diversity
Katie Ventura and friends ,
What does it mean to be a theologically diverse faith, bound not by creed but by covenant?
Traveling Second Fridays
7pm - 8pm
A Summertime Cruise from Chile To Argentina With Stops In Antarctica and South Georgia  by Kathy Manker and Bruce Gardner, presenting pictures and tales of their cruise on Seabourn.  It was summertime in the Southern Hemisphere. See the beautiful coastline of Chile as it changes from lush greenery to glaciers. Enjoy the diverse wildlife and scenery of Antarctica and South Georgia Island during their 32 degree summer season, followed by a return to normal summer in Uruguay and Argentina.  
Important Construction Notice:
The contractor will be taking out the ceiling in the hallway from the kitchen to the far end of the hallway during the week of Monday, March 11 through Friday, March 15.

Community night dinner for Thursday 3/14 will be canceled because there will be no access to the Kitchen and Johnson Room.  Chalice Kids is still available Thursday evening in Annex E to support activities that evening.

The steel has arrived and is being installed for shade structures. The sand yard walls are poured!
Social Justice Opportunities
Advancing Justice
March 10th, at the back of the Sanctuary
We are in the second half of the AZ Legislature session and many bills - some worthy, some truly unhinged - are moving at a rapid pace. Be sure to come by the Justice table Sunday to take action protesting or supporting bills that align with our UU principles. 
Our new Superintendent of Public Instruction, Kathy Hoffman, will be presenting “A Moment to Act: Investing in Public Education” at a League of Women Voters forum on March 14. Come to the table to get details.
We continue to send postcards to our AZ Senators : NO to school voucher expansion.
Green Sanctuary/Earth Justice Ministry
Meeting Sunday March 10 at 12:40, in Annex B. 
Green Sanctuary/ Earth Justice Ministry- has changed its meeting date and time. We now hold our regularly scheduled monthly meetings on the second Sunday of each month after the Second Service. Newcomers welcome! You can pick up refreshments in the Johnson Room on your way. Minutes and Agendas are provided.  

Board of Trustees
These past few weeks have been difficult for our UUCP family, to say the least. We know that decisions to eliminate staff positions and delay changes in the bathroom signage have caused pain in our community. We have heard expressions of grief, anger, mistrust, and anxiety. We are incredibly sorry that actions of the Board have contributed to the grief that members are experiencing.
We have also heard expressions of hope, a sense of purpose, and resilience. Where does that hope and faith in ourselves come from? It is grounded in who we are. A community that begins and ends with love. We are people who believe in our souls that every living being is beautiful. We exist because the work we do together within our walls and in the world is important. 
We offer the following updates with humility and in the spirit of transparency. READ MORE...

From the Treasurer on Construction
We are opening discussions with several lenders over the next two weeks to determine their interest in providing funding for our construction project. The existing construction loan (about $600,000) has been extended for two years by our current lender, and that loan will be combined with the new loan once it is secured. Our proposal will include the following:
Bring a flower to share at the annual Flower Communion
Growing in Spirit - The Garden
We Create
March 17th, 2019
Service Leaders: Rev. Margret A O’Neall

As the northern hemisphere turns the corner into spring, all are invited to bring a flower to share for Flower Communion. Growing our garden of community, we consider the commitment to covenantal relationship, and all the ways our covenant shapes the hopes, dreams, choices and actions of our lives.
Art Show in the Sanctuary – last opportunity to buy that special piece
The current art in the sanctuary will be removed on March 16, so if you are thinking about purchasing any of this art please see purchasing instructions posted in Office 2. The new exhibit to be displayed will be from recycled or found materials.
Inquirers - Flower Communion
Inquirers is participating in the service in the Sanctuary as we explore what it means to live in covenantal community .  
Mark your calendar for the annual Sunday schedule change!!
As of Sunday, March 31, UUCP will switch to our summer schedule, with one Sunday service at 10:30 am
Share the Plate with Voices for CASA Children March 17
Children who are removed from their home due to abuse or neglect are most in need of a dedicated and consistent adult in their life to ensure that their best interest is protected. That is the role of a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). With a CASA volunteer in place, children in foster care do better in school, spend less time in foster care, and are less likely to re-enter foster care. Voices for CASA Children is dedicated to giving every lost and voiceless child a brighter future through the CASA program. Your gift today will  go towards the Hope Bag program, which provides a comforting tote bag, handmade blanket or quilt, and age-appropriate gift or toy for the CASA volunteer to take as a gift when meeting their appointed child for the first time.
Opportunities to Serve
Lay Pastoral Associates
UUCP is creating a Lay Pastoral Care Associate (LPCA) Program. Members of the congregation will be trained as skilled listeners and resource guides for people experiencing life transitions. The program will complement the support offered by our minister and the Unicare Committee. LPCAs are the BEING arm caring, Unicare is the DOING arm of Lay Pastoral Care. To learn more, contact Rev. Margret at .
The Property Team is Back- And We Need You!
We have a new Property Team starting up. So far we have a small core group but we need YOU! It does not matter if everyone knows the difference between a hammer and a screwdriver, there are lots of other tasks besides fixing stuff that you can help with. We need long term planning, supervision of small projects, maintaining and enhancing our 9 acre property, working with the new Congregational Safety Team, with the EEC and DVLC and other groups and lots more that you can probably help us think of.
To find out more contact Dale ( ) or Jake Danforth ( ).
Neighborhood Connections
Neighborhood Groups gather members of UUCP where they live to make connections and get to know each other. If you want to be a Lead Connector, please contact Cherie Stafford Each neighborhood group can choose the activities best suited to you. Connect with neighbors in this radically inclusive community. 
Upcoming Events
Thursday Community Night
This Week:  Thursday March 14 Community Night Dinner is cancelled due to hallway demolition. Other activities continue as planned, and Chalice Kids is offered in Annex E.

Other activities continue as planned:
Spiritual Practices 6:45 pm in the Sanctuary 
Neighborhood Connectors Meetup 7:00 pm in Annex B
           Search Committee Meeting 7:00 pm in the Minister’s Office
Chalice Kids 6:45 pm, sign in Office 2, meet in Annex E 

Poetry Coffee House Session

Good poetry can be both deeply intellectual and deeply emotional. Join working poets and poetry lovers in a Poetry Coffee House Session, this Sunday, 3/10/19, in Room 10&11 in the main building from 11:15 to 1:00 pm. Call Tish Gauntt for more information at 602-544-8330
Living Our Vision... Everyday
This year, Faith Development offers many ways to learn beyond the traditional classroom. Listen to a podcast, read books and articles, watch a Ted Talk, or check out a packet of printed articles from the welcome desk, or come to office 2 and access the curriculum on the computers. Choose one focus that interests you, or move through all three, whatever works best in your life.
Come together for a Reflective Symposium on a Thursday morning, Thursday evening, or Sunday afternoon to discuss the topic we've studied. Regardless of whether we read a book, participate in a webinar or attend an in-person class, we can share our learning in community.
Come get a ribbon for your name tag from the Welcome Desk. Have questions? Visit the website, .

Radically Inclusive —focus on Gender Expansiveness “Transgender Inclusion in Congregations” webinar—at or join us Wednesdays, thru
March 13, 7:00-8:30 pm
Reflective Symposium  Thurs, March 21 6:45-8:00 pm in Annex C
Justice Centered —focus on Racial Justice
Racial Justice Collaborative with Anthony Johnson, Monday, March 11, 6:30-8:30 pm
Reflective Symposium  Thurs, Thursday, April 11 8:00-9:30 am in the Sanctuary
Theologically Diverse —focus on Indigenous Spirituality
Spiritual Practices gathering Thursday, March 14, 6:45 – 8:30 pm in the Sanctuary
Reflective Symposium— Sunday, March 24 12:30-2:00 pm in Annex B
UUA General Assembly
June 19-23, 2019
The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix will be represented by 8 delegates at General Assembly (GA) 2019 in Spokane, Washington.
All members in good standing are encouraged to apply today. Send your application to Sarah Moore at , pick up a flyer with an application at the back table and drop off your application at the office by February 18 to become a credentialed delegate.
UUCP All-Families Picnic
Sunday, March 31, 2:00 pm at Railroad Park
Now is the time to put the picnic on your calendar -- All families, all ages, all fun ... Just bring a side dish, chips, dip or veggies. Hamburgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, lemonade and water will be provided. Enjoy the bounce house and other fun!