Our Sunday service is now being broadcast on YouTube LIVE at 10:30 am (you can view a replay after that time).


The Corona Society: What an unprecedented time we are in—an entire society making decisions for the greater welfare on behalf of our most vulnerable. We like to think that we think of others when we make decisions, but this has taken it to a whole new level. Online together, we will explore what our individual reactions and responsibilities are to this societal event. 
with Rev. Christine Dance, Benjie Messer, Katie Resendiz, and Mary Cota

Staying Connected
We hope that our website will be the best way to get new information. We will be using the website and Facebook for things like family story time, reflections from the minister, daily meditations, etc. We will also be using Zoom meetings, email, and phone calls to connect. 

  • This is a really important time for small groups of any kind (small group ministries, committees or teams, social groups) to still gather and stay connected. Small groups are asked to set up regular Zoom meetings using our technology platform. Please contact Stephanie to schedule your Zoom meeting time and a Zoom tutorial if you need it.
  • Do you have something that you’d like to lead on Zoom to help us stay connected? Please send your ideas to Reverend Christine at minister@phoenixuu.org. She will be working with the staff to come up with a more complete program.

*Note that we’re looking at building community in the most efficient ways possible with our limited staff and resources, so there may not be enough meeting space for all. We would still encourage you to reach out and connect in creative ways with each other.
Pastoral Care

  • For those who wish to request that they be called every other day or so by someone to check in with them, please email: UUCPhelplist@gmailcom
  • For those requesting pastoral care (speaking with Rev Dance or Lay Pastoral Care support, please email: minister@phoenixuu.org
UUCP Campus Closed
Just a reminder that the UUCP campus is CLOSED for in-person gatherings until further notice. This includes worship, committee/team meetings, small group gatherings, or facility rentals. We highly encourage you to continue meeting with your teams and small groups via Zoom. You can schedule a Zoom meeting (and get instructions) by contacting Stephanie at administrator@phoenixuu.org .  

Minister’s Musings—March 18th
Are You Feeling Grief Around This?  
Send good wishes to Anthony Mtuaswa Johnson!
Our Associate Minister from last year, Anthony Mtuaswa Johnson, is seeing the Ministerial Fellowship Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Association on Friday, March 27 th . This is the last (and for many, most stressful) step in becoming an ordained UU Minister. Of course, Anthony is also doing this amidst leading his own congregation through the coronavirus pandemic. And he is doing his interview with the committee via video conferencing rather than live due to travel restrictions. Can you join me in sending Anthony some good wishes and send him our confidence and love as he gets ready for this big step? Leave your message here:

Outdoor Group
The Spring 2020 hiking season has ended this year without fanfare and on a somber note of coronavirus concern. Sadly, we are cancelling the spring campout. Please stay healthy and safe. You will start seeing Outdoor Group hiking notices again in September.
Board of Trustees Meeting
Tuesday, March 24 th at 6:15pm
The board will have its monthly meeting. As always, board meetings are open to all congregation members. This month, it will be held on Zoom at https://zoom.us/j/161242799

General Assembly

Regular registration begins for June 24-28 UUA General Assembly. (Still seeking delegates both in person and virtual.) Please i nquire through  board@phoenixuu.org.
Neighborhood Group Connections
As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, we continue to seek ways to effectively provide support to our UUCP community. Over the next week, our Neighborhood Group Connector volunteers are reaching out to as many of you as possible, asking if you would like to be involved in a system of periodic check-in. They may ask if you belong to a group who is checking in, or have access to submit a request for support via the UUCP Website should you need. We are creating a network of people checking on each other, identifying needs that arise, and recruiting resources to meet needs as well as we can. If you are not contacted within the next 5-7 days and wish to be included in a system of periodic check-ins, please email UUCPhelplist@gmail.com . Please refer to the UUCP Website and the Pastoral Care Information and Requests link on home page for additional support links – to request support, or provide volunteer support.

Additional Worship Opportunity—Church of the Larger Fellowship
If you are wishing to have more spiritual connection, feel free to join the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Larger Fellowship for worship at 5pm on Sundays.CLF is the virtual congregation for UUs who do not have a brick and mortar building and congregation to attend. It has over 1000 members and is doing innovative worship each week. 
You can join via zoom at zoom.us/j/224988882 . If you do not have Zoom on your device, follow the instructions when prompted to download Zoom. You may also join by smartphone: dial +1 (346) 248-7799 and type in the code 224988882# or by telephone: dial +1 346 248 7799.
This is a difficult time to have a pandemic for many reasons, but one of them is that it is the middle of our Stewardship drive. We have 30% of our pledge forms completed and are still hoping for 100% completion. You can complete your pledge right here online: https://www.phoenixuu.org/10536-2/ . We sincerely hope you will help our congregational leaders and this congregation by not having our stewardship affected by this virus. 
Announcements for Compass:

Do you have an announcement you would like to place in our special version of Compass? Please email all requests to announcements@phoenixuu.org.