Service Leader: Rev. Christine Dance

Unitarian Universalism is a non-creedal faith, grounded in the history of two different and related traditions- Unitarianism and Universalism. But our faith has taken so many twists and turns through the ages, it is hard to keep up. Who are we and what do we believe if we don't have one set of beliefs? This service is perfect to bring friends or family who might be in town for Thanksgiving weekend.

Music: ReSisters
December Theme: Awe

"Because philosophy arises from awe,
a philosopher is bound in his way to be a lover
of myths and poetic fables.
Poets and philosophers are alike
in being big with wonder."
Thomas Aquinas
Social Justice Opportunities
Sunday, December 1 at the back of the sanctuary
Civic Engagement

We celebrate the acquittal of Scott Warren, volunteer with No More Deaths, who had been charged with felonies for providing humanitarian aid to migrants crossing the desert. Migrants will keep arriving and needing such assistance and the federal government will continue to put barriers in the way of No More Deaths. 
Get the story of the acquittal and information on how to donate to No More Deaths at the Civic Engagement table.
Earth Justice Ministry
Earth Justice Ministry is thankful for the three days of rain we had on Nov. 19, 20 & 21! My two 300-gallon tanks are refilled with rain water. And we celebrate that Lora Gustafson (now an honorary member of EJM) has purchased benches made of recycled plastic "lumber" for both the new patio and the memorial garden!! They hold up better in this climate and require much less maintenance too.  

Look on our EJM/GS table (in the back near the library) for letters and petitions in support of the 100% Clean Energy Economy bill and flyers about International Climate Accountability bills, S1743 and H9 and a list of AZ legislators and their contact information. Come add your voice to these efforts.

Please join ecoAmerica on December 4th, 1 pm AZ time, for a 45-minute  webinar  on the findings in our latest report,  How Faith Communities Fuel Social Movements : Lessons for Climate Advocacy from the Immigration, Black Lives Matter, and President Trump Election Campaigns.  These eight take home lessons  will strengthen the efficacy of your climate advocacy.   Register here .  
We will participate with UUJAZ in the 12/6 Climate Strike March. Look for details in messages by UUJAZ.
Our next meeting will be 12:30 in Annex G on Sunday 12/8/19. Visitors are welcome and light refreshments are served.
Neighborhood Groups
If you are a member of Neighborhood F, please join us for a service project on Sunday, Dec. 1st at 1 PM in Annex H. We will be making holiday cards for detainees in Eloy. This project is in conjunction with Casa Mariposa Visitation Program and The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project (FIRRP). Look for the email sent to each member of our neighborhood for all the details. 
Refugee Gifts for the Holidays
We don’t usually get a chance to meet and welcome refugee families, especially the children, or to see how they are doing after they have been here for several months. We don’t see what a challenge it is to try and fit into a new culture, learn English, find a job, make ends meet for your family, and earn a minimal income. If you are one of the lucky ones who volunteers to tutor at Maryland School, you are may be helping some of these kids with math or their letter sounds, sight word lists, and trying to explain some of the things they are reading about. These students may already know two languages, but now it’s time for English, which is not an easy one.
Even though we haven’t met them, we would like them to know that we care about their success in this country. We’d like to give you an opportunity to do that, by joining us in providing some clothing and gifts for children at Maryland School whose families arrived in the last year.
Beginning the Sunday after Thanksgiving, there will be a display at the back table of names and items needed. Contributions will also be appreciated toward grocery gift cards for the family.  Our plan is to have these gifts ready by Sunday, December 15 th  so families can pick them up before students leave for winter break. This is your chance to live out our hope of making love real for a group of strangers in our midst, to show them how we feel a connection to them.
Art Build for Climate Strike with Sunrise Movement
Paint signs, make banners, and build community with the Sunrise Movement after second service on Sunday, December 1st from 12:30-3:30. Sunrisers will be preparing for the Dec. 6th national Climate Strike with AZ Youth Climate Strike, Extinction Rebellion, and UUJAZ. Bring supplies, snacks, money to pitch in, or just yourself is fine too! Questions? Email Janine
BLUU Worship Service Watch, Thursday 12/5, 7:00 PM-8:00 PM, Room 22
Are you a Black Unitarian Universalist feeling in need of connection with other Black UU’s?? We invite Black Unitarian Universalists and all Black people to join us for online worship. BLUU worship is built specifically for black UU’s as a Sacred Black Space. This is an opportunity for black UU’s to come worship together with one another. It is a smaller more intimate gathering. Please join us for this special time together as black UU’s fostering community. For more information contact Sydney A. Harrison at
Poetry of Awe
Service Leader s: Gary Ezzell, Susan Goldsmith, Donna Featherston, and Bonne´deBlas

Poetry can touch the deepest part of us. Our theme for the month is awe, and several congregation members will share personal experiences and poems of awe and wonder. Come for a morning of expressing the inexpressible.

Music: UUCP Jazz
Have you noticed that some members have blue, yellow, or purple ribbons attached to their name tags?  These ribbons, which may say Theological Diversity, Radical Inclusion, or Justice Centered, are areas of personal study available to us in the form of on-demand classes, books, articles, videos, podcasts, social media, and other ways to reflect and discuss each topic. UUCP is in the process of organizing this program for fall 2019. Sign up to get a ribbon and be contacted about classes at a table in the back of the Sanctuary before and after each Sunday Service.

Share the Plate Seeks 501c3 Organizations to receive STP donations

You can find a description of charitable organization qualifications on the UUCP web page at donation should make a significant contribution to the organization’s programs, with the majority of funds going toward such programming. Preference will be given to organizations with smaller budgets. Please email your recommendations to: .
Upcoming Events
11/30 Advanced Level Meditation • 10:00 AM- 12 PM • Annex B
12/1 • Book Group • 11:00 AM-12:15 PM • Annex B
12/2 • Open Arts & Crafts Studio • 9:30 AM-Noon, Johnson Room
12/2 • Drumming Group, 6:30 pm Sanctuary
12/2 • Racial Justice Collaborative 6:00pm - 8:30pm @ Annex B
12/4 • Choir Rehearsal 7:00pm - 8:30pm
12/5 • BLUU 7:00pm - 8:00pm @ Room 22
11/28 • Color to Calm 7:00pm - 8:00pm @ Johnson Room
12/6 • Walking Conversation Lovers 6:30am - 8:30am