We Are You Too
Service Leader: Katie Resendiz
The community at UUCP is central to many of our faith paths, and our campus itself is a sacred place to many. For some, it is a place to disconnect from our weekday lives, but for the staff of UUCP, professional lives, personal beliefs, and the spirituality of our community are inextricably tied. Come listen, ask, and share with our UUCP faith professionals. Fill out your bingo card- which staff is a witch? Which is a deist? Who has the 7 principles memorized?
Inquirers Newcomer Group
Sundays, 11:45 am

Inquirers is offered on most Sundays, as a place for newcomers to connect, learn about UUCP how this can be a congregational home for you.

Meet the Minister
Are you new to Unitarian Universalism and wishing to know more about it? Do you want to know more about the UU Congregation of Phoenix? Interested in getting to know our Minister, Rev. Christine Dance? Join us after the service to get to know each other, ask questions and learn (or reinforce) information about us.
A Note From Rev. Dance
On Wednesday, some UUCP members got an email that had Rev. Christine Dance's name on it and an unrecognizable email address. This was not a virus, it is a scam that is going around using ministers' names. Please see the link below. In the future, please know that Rev. Christine will never be sending out emails asking for money, gift cards, or any kind of monetary assistance.

If you or anyone you know from UUCP lost any money with this scam, please let Rev. Dance know right away. 

See this link for more information on this scam.
Social Justice Opportunities
Sunday, September 1 at the back of the sanctuary
Civic Engagement

Puente Human Rights Movement is hosting an Immigrant Rights Reading on Wednesday, Sept 4. Details are here.
The International Rescue Committee (IRC) has opened a new Welcome Center in Phoenix, and you can help them. If you want to donate supplies, the link to the Welcome Center wish list is . Get educated about the asylum situation by going here

Arizona has the 8th highest child food insecurity rate in the country. The US Dept. of Agriculture is proposing a change in eligibility rules for food stamps (SNAP). Children will not be the only ones affected if the rule takes effect. Seniors, working families, and people with disabilities would also lose benefits. We will have a postcard at the table Sunday to send in protest of the rule change. If you do not attend service (or you want to comment twice), you can speak out at
Earth Justice Ministry/ Green Sanctuary

Earth Justice Ministry will hold its next meeting at 12:00 noon in Annex G on Sunday, September 8, 2019. Refreshments are served and newcomers are welcome. We will be planning for the Sunday, September 15, Justice Lunch Talk, at 12:30 in the Sanctuary, by Anne Lackey. She will share tips on how to eat less meat in order to reduce air pollution.  

Green Tip
Keeping your refrigerator full makes it run more efficiently. Filling it with locally grown food, and cooking at home also helps you eat healthier.

Blue Tip
Double check faucets and toilets for leaks. One drip per second wastes about 5 gallons per day. 
The staff of UUCP--with the affirmation of the Board of Trustees—is participating in the September 20 th Global Climate Strike. The Unitarian Universalist Association, our Social Justice arm Side With Love and the UU Ministry for Earth are all participating in this action. The strike is to demand transformative action be taken to address the climate crisis. There will be a march from Phoenix City Hall to the AZ State Capitol from 2-6pm on the 20th.  Find more information here.

Fighting climate breakdown is about much more than emissions and scientific metrics – it’s about fighting for a just and sustainable world that works for all of us. If we are going to fight for this, we need everyone.
Let's show our government what people power is capable of.  #ClimateStrike
Opportunities to Connect and Serve
Save The Date!
UUCP Homecoming
Sat. Sept. 7, 6:00 pm
A cookout potluck to celebrate in-gathering, the new congregational year, and being an awesome community. Food, music, friends!

The Homecoming event starts at 6 pm. Please join us at 5:30 for a ritual of smudging and cleansing of our building and campus space to invite in good energy to our new spaces and new beginnings.

Small Group Ministry (SGM) Openings
Our Sunday evening SGM potluck group (held on 2 nd and 4 th Sundays of the month) has openings. Members and Friends are welcome. We share dinner and have guided discussion based on our monthly themes from 5-7pm. About 12 meetings occur Oct.- April, in homes. It’s a great way to meet others and connect on a deeper level. For more info, contact Joan Myer (
Announcements for Compass

Do you have an announcement you would like to place in Compass? Please email all requests to by Thursday at noon to appear in the Friday mailing. Thank you!
Ushers Needed
Come help welcome and assist our congregants and guests in the sanctuary for services. Some of the duties include showing people to their seats, passing out service materials, and collecting and counting donations and pledges. We ask for a commitment of only one service a month. Please contact Paisley at to help serve our loving community!
Be A Greeter
This is a chance to meet members and visitors in the lobby on Sunday mornings. It only takes 45 minutes before service for you to participate in this important ministry. And it is easy! Just smile, answer questions and you will be trained to handle anything you don’t already know. Two services each Sunday is set to begin September 15 so the need for greeters doubles! Please contact Joan Gale at or 602-796-3511 to volunteer. We are so grateful for all who volunteer. 
Booker T. Washington Child Development Center
Attention Golfers:
We have a great opportunity to further our long history of support for BTW at their First Annual “Par for Preschool” charity Golf Tournament honoring founder, Calvin C. Goode. The tournament is on Saturday, September 14, at the renowned Arizona Grand Golf Course. There will be prizes, raffles and drawings in addition to lunch and a terrific day of golf. The deadline for signup is August 30. Full details can be found on the BTW website at
BLUU Worship Service Watch
Thursday, Sept. 5th 6:00 -7:30 pm in Annex B
Are you a Black Unitarian Universalist feeling in need of connection with other Black UU’s?? We invite Black Unitarian Universalists and all Black people to join us for online worship. BLUU worship is built specifically for black UU’s as a Sacred Black Space. This is an opportunity for black UU’s to come worship together with one another. It is a smaller, more intimate gathering. Please join us for this special time together as black UU’s fostering community. For more information contact Sydney A. Harrison at
Ingathering Water Communion
Rev. Christine Dance
Water is universal, eternal, ever-changing. As we gather for the traditional Water Communion to celebrate a new program year of our community, we reflect on water- in our lives and as a tool and symbol of resistance and justice in our communities. Bring water to share from home or summer travels, or use water we provide here.
Inquirers Newcomer Group
Meet the Minister after the service.
UUCP Pastoral Care
Are you experiencing stress, life transition, or illness? If you could talk with someone who listens, respects you, cares about you, and values what you confide, would it help? Rev. Christine Dance is available for Pastoral Care support: .

Later this year and at the direction of Rev. Dance, Lay Pastoral Care Associates will extend this presence, to provide compassionate and discreet support when needed. 

Unicare continues to provide practical, "doing" help: .
Calling All UUCP Artists
New Opportunities from the Unitarian Universalist Justice Arizona Ministry (UUJAZ)
UUJAZ's Issues + Action Day
The Issues + Action Day will combine workshops full of justice partners leading us in actions, incredible food and time for building relationships, inspiring music and speakers, and a surprise evening event! Join us at the UU Church of Surprise Saturday, October 26th.
Sunrise Organizer Training - Sept 14th + 15th 
Global Justice Center
Tucson, AZ
Sunrise Tucson is so excited to officially announce that we're hosting our first ever AZ-wide training. Sunrise for an Arizona Green New Deal!


If you are a young person (age 15-35) and/or a member of a frontline community - one that has been or will be affected most strongly by climate change and environmental injustice, and want to become involved with Sunrise, this training will be perfect for you!

Your training team (including national and local hub leaders!) will be sharing:

  • The Sunrise DNA – what unites each Sunrise hub in a national movement, including our story, strategy, and structure.
  • The Sunrise Arizona vision – how we're going to ramp up our actions to elect true progressive climate reps and enact our vision for a Green New Deal!
  • Organizing skills that will help us all kick ass and attract soooo many young people to our movement in 2019!
  • And much more!

And while we are zoomed in to the details of Sunrise AZ growth and goals at our hub meetings and local events, this chance to understand what role Sunrise AZ plays in the national movement will help you feel inspired and connected to other young people across the country, more empowered to bring others into the movement, and more confident in our strategy (and guiding our strategy!).

Our logistics team will be providing food (heck yeah!) - breakfast, lunch, and dinner for both Saturday and Sunday. Please arrange to arrive by Friday night. We will be accepting donations for the logistical aspects of this event (accommodation, food, transportation) for those who need it on a sliding scale of $0-$45 based on what you can afford. We are also arranging accommodation and possibly carpools for those who are coming from far away! Please direct any questions or concerns to and put "training logistics" in the subject line.

Puente Human Rights Fellowship

Puente Human Right Movement will be hosting a one day fellowship training to educate, empower, and resist in these trying times. We are inviting community leaders who have a passion for justice and energy for change to join our fellowship program. Through this program fellows will be connected with activist in the valley to hone in their skills to find new and creative ways of fighting the system. We will be creating 5 working groups that will be engaged for the next 3 months to develop and co-create the change we wish to see in Arizona.

To become a Puente Fellow please click here.
We will be conducting telephone interviews before you are completely accepted into the program. There is a $100 non-refundable fee to participate in order for us to cover the cost of putting together the program. Fellows will receive Puente Swag, Support from Staff and Coaching in the committee each fellow decides to join. Committee will unapologetically focus on different aspects of ICE, Immigration Detention, and Police Violence. 

Register by September 4th. Child Care will be provided for those who indicate it on the application. We look forward to fighting for freedom by your side!
Community Night
UUCP is on our summer schedule!
Community Night Dinner starts September 19!

Thursday evening September 5th
There is no Community Night Dinner
There is no Chalice Kids
Faith Development offers many ways to learn beyond the traditional classroom. Listen to a podcast, read books and articles, watch a Ted Talk, or check out a packet of printed articles from the welcome desk, or come to office 2 and access the curriculum on the computers. Our new curriculum will feature new areas of focus for each of mission pillars:
Radically Inclusive: Neuroinclusion
Justice Centered: Earth Justice
Theologically Diverse: Character,Values and Virtues
New content is coming in September!
Text To Make a Donation or Payment to UUCP
Text the message “UUCP $__” (you must enter a dollar amount in the text) to 73256 to give to UUCP. You will be directed to a link to a secure site where you can enter your credit card or bank account information to make a general donation, pay for an activity, or to make a payment on your pledge for the current year or next year. A dollar amount must be included in your text. 
Standard text message rates do apply.