What Kind of Brother Are You?
Service Leader:
Sam Kirkland
Sam Kirkland will delve into what kind of ally men can optimally hope to be for women in the age of the #MeToo movement.
Inquirers Newcomer Group
Sundays, 11:45 am

Inquirers is offered on most Sundays, as a place for newcomers to connect, learn about UUCP how this can be a congregational home for you.

There will be no Inquirers on July 14. Meetings will resume on July 21.
2018-2019: Annual Report
It has been an eventful year at UUCP. Read about our Beloved Community’s celebrations and challenges in the Annual Report available at the link below.
Our fiscal year ended June 30, 2019. Our new year began July 1, 2019. Your support of our 2019-20 Commitment Drive is showing Rev. Christine that she has chosen wisely and we are excited for her arrival. To present ourselves in the best possible light for her arrival, for bank presentations, and to pay our current obligations, we ask that you complete your pledge for this past fiscal year 2018-19 as soon as possible, but certainly by July 31st. We have $38,835 in outstanding pledges. You may check Realm for your balance and make a payment or call Lora to make arrangements. Thank you for your on-going support of our Mission.
Social Justice Opportunities
Sunday, July 14 at the back of the sanctuary
Civic Engagement
Following up after the July 12 protests against conditions in child detention, on Sunday, July 14, we are encouraging you to sign an online petition recommended by UUA's Love Resists Campaign. The petition targets Alex Azar, Secretary of Health and Human Services and two other officials who have the authority to close "emergency influx centers" in which conditions are even more horrific than the centers we hear about every day You can sign the petition here
 or pick up a much shorter link at the table on Sunday.
Earth Justice Ministry/ Green Sanctuary
Earth Justice Ministry/Green Sanctuary will hold its regular monthly meeting Sunday July 14, in Annex G after the service (about 11:50-12:00 noon).  Newcomers are welcome, and light refreshments will be served.  We will mainly be planning for the following Sunday event but will also discuss some advocacy issues. We will sponsor the film "From Paris to Pittsburgh" and discussion led by Doug Bland of AZIPL on Sunday, July 21, at about noon in the Sanctuary. It's about people speaking out and taking action about Climate Change.  It will be a Justice Lunch Talk event with light refreshments
Green Tip -  Place 1 to 5 reusable cloth bags in your vehicle so you don't forget to bring your own bag when shopping.
Blue Tip - When drinking water, try using our drinking fountain.

Read the first article in our Green Heroes Series about the steps UUCP has taken over the years to become more green.
Share the Plate Sunday July 21st: Sun Sounds of Arizona
Sun Sounds of Arizona broadcasts over 200 current local and national publications, to people who cannot read or hold printed material due to a disability. We broadcast via special radios, smart home devices, and the internet. Sun Sounds keeps people current on news and engaged in their community. The service and radio are free. The money raised by, “sharing the plate,”may be used to purchase new radios or to underwrite our programs.

Would you like to suggest an organization to be a Share the Plate recipient? You can find a description of charitable organization qualifications on the UUCP webpage under Justice/Share the Plate drop-down. Contact Leslie Stallcop, Phil Slater, Ceyshe Napa, Dann Hunn, Madelyn Doerr, Charlotte Carl-Mitchell or email the team at .

Learn more about our congregational giving beyond our walls at:
Like a Child Again
Service Leader:
Gary Ezzell
Children's brains and adults' brains process things differently. Our adult brains learn to be efficient and ignore much of what comes in. Children pay much more attention to everything around them and see surprising associations. It is not efficient, but it is wonder-full. Can our congregation become more child-like, with broader and unexpected connections?
Opportunities to Connect and Serve
Save The Date! with Rev. Christine Dance
UUCP Homecoming 
Sat. Sept. 7, 6:00 pm
A cookout potluck to celebration in-gathering, the new congregational year, and being an awesome community. Food, music, friends!
Becoming A Safer Congregation - Active Shooter Training
We are constantly reminded that the world can be a dangerous and unpredictable place. The Safe Congregation Team will be presenting “Active Shooter Training” on the following Sundays throughout the summer, all from 12:00-1:00p in Annex B on July 21 and August 4 . This will be a tabletop slideshow presentation, with a video and conversation afterward.  (Note: we will  not  be conducting any surprise, simulated Active Shooter/Lockdown drills at UUCP).  
Adults (18 and over, or under 18 if a COA graduate) are encouraged to attend one of these sessions. Childcare will be provided. Contact Jan Kaplan if questions.
The Property Team is Back- And We Need You!

We have a new Property Team starting up. So far we have a small core group but we need YOU! It does not matter if everyone knows the difference between a hammer and a screwdriver, there are lots of other tasks besides fixing stuff that you can help with. We need long term planning, supervision of small projects, maintaining and enhancing our 9 acre property, working with the Safety Team, the EEC and DVLC and other groups. To find out more contact Lora (, Dale ( or Jake Danforth (
Maryland School

Students and teachers are enjoying summer break, but it won’t be long until they head back to school. There are several ways you can support the extra resources needed by our partner, Maryland Elementary School. Pick up a flyer at the Advancing Justice table on Sunday or click here to see how you can help.
Sacred Harp Singing
Sat. Aug. 10, 3-5pm,
Annex B
Experience the Sacred Harp, a unique American singing tradition! UUCP is pleased to host Phoenix Fasola, who welcomes newcomers, beginners, and listeners to join them. Sacred Harp, also known as "shape-note," is a participatory style in which singers sit in a square facing in. The music itself has roots in 18th-century U.S. Protestantism, but singers of many backgrounds and beliefs find Sacred Harp to be a spiritual experience. More information at
Unicare Request

We have an open meal train available for Cyndi Young and Tara Hall. (Judy Mitzner has changed her name to Tara Hall). Cyndi has metastatic breast cancer in her spine and hip, which is both extremely painful and limiting to her mobility. In addition, her white blood cell count is very low leaving her vulnerable to illness and infection. This link will give further information and meal details, as well as allow you to sign up for a specific date.
Drummers Unite!
Drummunity is UUCP's bi-weekly gathering of rhythmic artists, seekers, and beat makers. You're welcome to join us and explore the power of creating sounds together. No experience necessary and extra drums are available. (More advanced players perform in services). Our schedule is on the calendar on the UUCP website. This Monday, July 15th at 6:30 pm is our next meeting.
Announcements for Compass
Do you have an announcement you would like to place in Compass? Please email all requests to by Thursday at noon to appear in the Friday mailing. Thank you!
Share the Plate Seeks 501c3 Organizations to receive STP donations

You can find a description of charitable organization qualifications on the UUCP web page under Justice/Share the Plate drop-down. Contact Leslie Stallcop or Phil Slater (cochairs), Ceyshe Napa, Dann Hunn, Madelyn Doerr, Charlotte Carl-Mitchell, or email the team at
Children’s Art Exhibit 2019

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” (Pablo Picasso)

This year’s Children’s Art Exhibit, currently on display in the Sanctuary, consists of contributions from Desert View Learning Center (Kindergarten through fourth grade) and the Early Education Cooperative Preschool (ages 2 -5). Sonja Saar, who teaches art at DVLC, is dedicated to drawing out the artist within every child. The EEC encourages art expressions which are developmentally appropriate and enhance a child’s creativity. 

Construction Update
Wood forms have been set to pour the curb and gutters for the upper parking lot. The concrete pour will start early next week. Asphalt will begin after the concrete is set.  

The back hallway entrance is closed for construction, so if you park on 40th Place or in the Christ Church back lot, you can get to our main building via the gently sloped desert from the south of our buildings, or walk down 40th Place to Lincoln Drive and then use the sidewalk to get to our main parking lot. While the upper parking lot is CLOSED, the accessible entrance is the ramped south door that you get to via the path on the left (south) side of the building from the main parking lot.
Community Night
No meetings this week—take the opportunity to look at the LOVE resources!
There is no Community Night Dinner | No Chalice Kids
Women’s Ritual 7:00 -8:30 pm in the Sanctuary
Faith Development offers many ways to learn beyond the traditional classroom. Listen to a podcast, read books and articles, watch a Ted Talk, or check out a packet of printed articles from the welcome desk, or come to office 2 and access the curriculum on the computers. Choose one focus that interests you, or move through all three, whatever works best in your life. Select from content on the pillars of our mission to be Radically Inclusive, Justice Centered and Theologically Diverse .  Have questions? Visit the website, Look for our Fall 2019 LOVE curriculum, featuring new content in September.
Text To Make a Donation or Payment to UUCP
Text the message “UUCP $__” (you must enter a dollar amount in the text) to 73256 to give to UUCP. You will be directed to a link to a secure site where you can enter your credit card or bank account information to make a general donation, pay for an activity, or to make a payment on your pledge for the current year or next year. A dollar amount must be included in your text. 
Standard text message rates do apply.
Camp DeBenneville Pines UU Family and Youth Camps

Are you in need of a tranquil mountain retreat? Searching for a place where you can commune with nature and find the solitude of a mountain glen? Or do you long for the warmth of a welcoming community of peers? Camp registration is now open with options for all ages.
8/10-8/14: Summer Break Camp for Adults
8/10-8/14: Choir Camp: Singing in the Mountains
8/16-8/21 Summer Arts Program for Adults: Art Groove!
8/30-9/2: UU Young Adult Retreat
Schedule, details and links for registration are available on their website,

Moments from General Assembly 2019: Richard Blanco, Ware Lecture
This year’s Ware lecturer was poet, Richard Blanco. Elected by President Obama as the fifth inaugural poet in U.S. history, he is the youngest and the first Latino, immigrant, and gay person to serve in such a role. Born in Madrid to Cuban exile parents and raised in Miami, the negotiation of cultural identity characterizes his three collections of poetry:  City of a Hundred Fires , which received the Agnes Starrett Poetry Prize from the University of Pittsburgh Press;  Directions to The Beach of the Dea d, recipient of the Beyond Margins Award from the PEN American Center; and  Looking for The Gulf Motel , recipient of the Paterson Poetry Prize and the Thom Gunn Award. His new book of poems,  How to Love a Country , is available from Beacon Press in April 2019. You can watch his moving lecture at the link below: