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Compass School of Feng Shui
One of the most confusing things about Feng Shui is the differentiation between the various perspectives and schools of study. Although there are fundamental principles that apply to all perspectives, there are different applications between perspectives that create the confusion. To help provide clarity,   we are running a series on the different schools of Feng Shui over the next few months. It is our hope that you be inspired by our talented and diverse experts.
Bridget Saraka , IFSG CEO 

How to Use Directions in Feng Shui
On a recent site visit with a new client, I pulled out my luo pan and began to take directions. She said, “what is that for?!” Clients are great teachers. They challenge your assumptions, your knowledge and the application of your art. My client’s question about why I use a compass was a seemingly simple one, but the answer required an in-depth, complex and layered understanding of how the bagua, or “energy map” developed over time.  Find out more from Katherine Graham.

Compass Feng Shui, Katherine GrahamYes, you can use the luo pan to find your “wealth corner,” however the overarching reason why a bagua is so powerful in feng shui is that is can accurately determine and depict the type of energy a given space is likely to have. If you know what type of energy you are dealing with you can then manipulate that energy in order to live a full, balanced and harmonious life.

Coming up next in our series of types of Feng Shui... 

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Feng Shui Glossary Word of the Month:  Compass School   

An early school of Feng Shui that developed after Form School. At first a simple needle and bowl compass were utilized to determine the best directional and solar orientation for a structure. Eventually Compass School incorporated principles of the I Ching and other Taoist modalities. The simple needle and bowl compass evolved into the Luopan compass which reveals many layers of information in its complex ring system. In Compass School Feng Shui, the Bagua is a diagrammatic representation of the Luopan compass and is oriented using the actual directions. e.g., North sits on North of the floor plan.  

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Feng Shui Tip 
The Compass Directions - Element, Color, and Meaning

NORTH: Blue, Black - Water element - Your Career, the Life Path in front of you.
NE: Beige, tan, cream, yellow, orange earth tones - Earth element - Knowledge, Skills, Communication.
EAST: Green - Wood element - Your Family, Foundation in Life, the Past.
SE: Green + touch of Purple, Red - Wood element - Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth Corner.
SOUTH: Red, Orange - Fire element - Your Reputation, Social Status, Fame.
SW: Reds, Pink, Orange, Purples - earth tones - Earth element - Relationships, Love/Romance - Mother/Lover.
WEST: White, Pastels, Silver - Metal element - Your Children, Creativity, Projects, Fun/Joy.
NW: White, Grey, Silver - Metal element - Helpful Friends/People, Mentors, Heavenly Help - Father/Man of House/Lover.
CENTER: Earth tones (refer above) - Earth element - Physical, Mental and Emotional Health.

"Pin"spiration - The Luo Pan

From its humble beginnings as a magnetic needle floating in a bowl of water, the Luopan evolved into a complex system of rings able to reveal advanced Feng Shui information. In its modern form it has been translated and color coded to simplify its use as a Feng Shui tool. The Luopan is part of the rich cultural heritage of Feng Shui.

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Final Thoughts 
Compass school studies and stresses direction (north, south, east and west) and its relationship to the person.  Compass school compares the direction of your front door to your personal life directions.  Personal life directions are calculated from the time and date of your birth. There are methods that are quite simple and then there are very complex methods used for this purpose.

In the very early days of Compass School, practitioners paid little attention to the tenets of Form School.  Later, in the late nineteenth/early twentieth century, practitioners realized that they could not totally ignore form and the two schools merged.  Today, when one says they practice Compass School, they are also using teachings from the older Form School sometimes with more emphasis on one school or the other.
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