Compassion Spreads Faster Than Covid!
The proof is in! An anonymous donor in New York City saw COVID 19 up close when caring for his wife. Thankfully she recovered, and he made a generous gift to empower the COVID responses in Sudan's Nuba Mountains. Teams of brave and determined nursing students and faculty fanned out over 11 counties to teach people to wash their hands frequently and practice social distancing. Other nursing students, like the one above, volunteered in the two hospitals. COVID 19 has not yet reached the Nuba Mountains, but there are many fatalities in South Sudan. When the virus does arrive, it will find compassion got there first. Its impact will not be so devastating, thanks to Kush State University's faculty, students, and a fantastic family in New York City. COVID has propelled the 196 nursing students at KSU into engagement with community health. In addition to continuing to work with the region's COVID response, the nursing school is seeking funding for community education regarding Sudan's new law forbidding FGM.
Congratulations Governor!
Sarah Cleto Rial has accepted a nomination to become Governor of Western Bahr El Ghazal, South Sudan! Sudan Sunrise has been honored to partner with Sarah on a number of her peace initiatives. We rejoice in this good step for the Government of South Sudan!
Another Million Reasons
Sudan Sunrise teamed with Ashai Arop, Sudan Unlimited, Pam Omidyar, the Diocese of Aweil, Abyei volunteers, and others to rush food to 750 Abyei refugee families. We were pleased to add to the initiative the planting of a million Moringa trees. Moringa leaves will nourish the people long after the relief is forgotten. One hundred thousand seeds were distributed and planted in Aweil, thanks to Kevin and Donna Steckline, Bishop Abraham Nhial's clergy and volunteers. Dr. Wendy LaMarquand's instructional booklet on the growing, consuming and health benefits of the Moringa leaves will help nourish the people of Abyei and Aweil for years to come.
Blue Nile next?

Leaders from the Blue Nile State in Sudan have also requested a million seeds and training. Tia Alumda Tia is ready to go, but we're seeking $5K for the next initiative.
Deceased Pump
Cheaper to Fix Than to Drill! Manute Bol School - Turalei
It takes about $12,000 to drill a well, but $500 to fix a hand pump! The Manute Bol School’s well pump is kaput, done, deceased! It is no more. It is an ex-pump! The poor who rely on this pump have contributed around $60 towards its repair. But they are appealing for our help to get it working like new.
Classrooms Destroyed
Future Generation School, Rumbek : Heavy rainfall washed out two exterior walls of the grade 3 and 4 classrooms. The community is helping with financial contributions and volunteer labor. Classes are scheduled to start soon, but these two classes need to be rebuilt ASAP. The FGS provides free lunches to the students, and reopening will mean improved nutrition for the children. For some students, their school lunch is their only meal all day . The Rev. Paul Nak and the school management team provided bags of food for the most vulnerable students when the school was closed during COVID. Some of the students have been enrolled at no cost so they can continue to learn and eat. To make a donation to the Future Generation School please go to  and choose "Future Generation Primary School" in the dropdown menu under gift designation.
Clever COVID Adaptations
Manute Bol School, Turalei: In the thick of COVID, the school administration brainstormed how to continue. As they say, "necessity is the mother of invention." COVID had closed the school for several months, but that hasn't stopped the teachers. Unlike the US, the Manute Bol School can't give laptops to their students. So the teachers reached out to the local radio station. The teachers started broadcasting their lessons over the radio so that students can listen at home! Students are assigned blocks of time to come to school to meet with their teachers and turn in homework. The groups are kept small because of COVID. The plan isn't perfect, but it is the best that can be done given the circumstances.  The learning process is slowed down a bit without being in a classroom, but they are determined to continue!
Unstoppable Leader
Last Sunday in Juba, while Bishop Abraham Nhial was wearing his purple shirt and collar, he stopped into a shop. Out of nowhere, a thief grabbed his phone and ran! Friends of Abraham know his most essential ministry tool is his cell phone! The shepherd's staff may be the symbol, but Abraham looks after his far-flung flock with his phone! Despite this setback, you would be hard-pressed to find someone busier or more dedicated leader than Bishop Abraham Nhial. Abraham has been traveling all over his diocese to educate people on COVID-19. With the recent rain, travel is now exceedingly difficult. With help from generous partners in the US, Bishop Abraham has gotten a roof on the diocesan guest house. He is is adding a well to one school and expanding its facilities.
Moses' Exodus and Independence Day!
Moses' family asked Bishop Abraham Nhial to raise him so that Moses could get an education. Thanks to Abraham, the church in Aweil and friends in the US, Moses traveled to Khartoum this year for eye surgery. The operation was successful, but Moses' return was blocked due to COVID 19. Bill Server had stayed in touch with Moses since meeting him in 2013 during a trip to Aweil. The Servers worked with Sudan Sunrise to get funding for Moses' return when things took an unexpected turn.   Radicals in Khartoum's Al-Jerif East  formed mobs to rid the area of South Sudanese Christians. Moses fled Khartoum in an open-air truck with over a hundred people. They had only water to drink and no food. It was a dangerous journey, with threats from armed men demanding bribes. After a harrowing trip, Moses made it safely to Aweil, arriving on July 4th! Thanks be to God, Bishop Abraham and Bill and Martha Server!