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Workshops, Events

Compassionate Listening Basics
Bonn Germany, February 21

 Coupeville, WA, February 26-28

Circle of Peace Seminar, Portland, OR. Feb 29

Deepening Compassionate Engagement: World Work from the Heart, An Advanced Training, Seattle, Washington, April 9-10

CL Basics Workshop, Apr 30-May 1, Portland, OR

Healing Our World from the Inside Out, a Basic CL Intensive, Greenfield, MA, May date TBA
...and a Journey

Seattle, Washington, June 4

Engaging from the Heart: Healing Our World from the Inside Out, An Advanced Training, Seattle, Washington, Sept 10-11

Journey to the Heart of Israel and Palestine, The Holy Land, November 6-18, 2016

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Dear Friends,
As a CL practitioner recently stated, "It's not a new peacemaking idea to listen to the disenfranchised or the oppressed. But the challenge that Compassionate Listening embeds in its approach is to listen to the other, or the enemy, with the same degree of openness, non-judgment, and compassion that we bring to those with whom our sympathies lie." Compassionate Listening is a life-long practice, and every day brings us new opportunities. Today, the "other" in our life may be our beloved partner or child, a parent, friend or co-worker. How do we communicate when we run into conflict and our hearts tighten and close? Our personal and collective evolution is critically tied to our capacity to navigate conflict. The practice of CL can strengthen and sweeten all relationships, even the toughest ones. As the Dalai Lama says, compassion is not a luxury - without compassion, humanity cannot survive. May we practice well!
     ~ Leah Green, founder/director
Journey to the Heart: 
Israel and Palestine
In Their Own Words: Read powerful vignettes from speakers and participants from our 31st Journey to the Heart. click here

Learn more and register for our next Journey: Nov 6-18, 2016: click here

" This Journey far exceeded my expectations, and they were high! Amazing, inspiring, life-changing. "

"A sacred experience!"  ~ 2015 participants
Meet Jamal Meqbil, Beit Ummar, West Bank/Palestine

One day, five years ago, an Israeli friend met me in Jerusalem and he hugged me. He said, “Today I will take you anywhere in Israel. Where do you want to go? Any restaurant you want. To Jaffa. To the sea. Al-Aqsa mosque. Any place,” he said. "Today I’m here for you with my car.” I said, “I heard about the Holocaust museum. About the Yad Vashem museum in Israel. Can you drive me there?” He said, “Are you sure?” I said, “Yes, I’m sure. I don’t need to go to the sea or to Al-Aqsa.”
Watch a Presentation  about  Journey to the Heart!
Creative, committed and passionate are words that describe our participants. They have been busy presenting about their experiences to N. American audiences. Helen Fitzgerald and Dr. Joel Berman's recent presentation included an introduction to C.L. and audience-read first-person vignettes from Israeli and Palestinian speakers. Many thanks to Helen and Joel for making this beautiful event available to all. Click here to view. Enjoy!
Al-Aroub Refugee Camp
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by Gene Hoffman, Leah Green, Cynthia Monroe

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