Staying Healthy Through the Holidays 
Eat, Drink (Water!), and be MERRY!
An increase in anxiety and depression at the end of the year are often called the "Holiday Blues." The extra stress, unrealistic expectations, holiday memories, and loneliness all contribute to that "blue" feeling.  For some, this feeling is temporary, while for others with long-term mental health conditions find their symptoms increased.

In fact, in a survey on the Holiday Blues, 64% of people say that they experience this, and 24% of those people feel that the holidays negatively impact them a lot. 1

There are tips for avoiding the Holiday Blues or lessening their impact on you.  
    « Stick to your normal routine.
    « Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can increase symptoms of anxiety and depression.
    « Make a to-do list. This gives you a sense of accomplishment by tackling the items on your list.
    « Set reasonable expectations for the holidays. Don't do too much, but be careful not to isolate yourself.
    « Find a way to relax. Listen to music or connect with a friend.
In addition to the ways the holidays can impact our mental health, we also need to be careful with our physical health, too.  Thanksgiving is the national holiday for over-eating, an activity that seems to continue with more parties and heavy foods.

Here are some tips so that your waistline doesn't increase while the temperature outside decreases!
    « Drink plenty of water-about 64oz each day. Often we mistake our body's thirsty cues for hunger.
    « Be aware of how much you eat and how often. Don't go to a holiday party hungry-you will eat more unhealthy foods. Have a healthy snack-like an apple- to curb your cravings.
    « And keep exercising! Take the stairs or walk a few laps at the mall-three times around is one mile (and you stayed warm indoors while walking!).
1 Information from www.NAMI.org
Learn great tips on keeping your heart healthy!
Stephanie Andreozzi, coordinator at Good Samaritan Hospital's Cardiac Unit,  will speak at our Healthy Habits Lunch
November 17th at 1pm
at the Senior Center (710 Maple St.)

RSVP at 272-8317
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Upcoming Socials!
Twice a month, Compeer hosts gatherings for our volunteers and clients, second Wednesday evenings and on the third Thursday afternoon. These events are FREE!
Wed. November 9th - 6-8pm
Movie Night! Enjoy popcorn and snacks, and laughter with friends.

Thur. November 17th - 1-2:30pm
Healthy Habits Lunch Topic: Heart Health

Wed. December 14th - 6-8pm
Holiday Party! Buffet dinner and special entertainment!

[Thur. December 15th - Cancelled]

Thur. December 22nd - 1-2:30pm
Cookie Baking Make holiday treats and decorate sugar cookies.

All events are held at the Senior Center, 710 Maple Street, Lebanon, unless otherwise noted.

For all these events, RSVP at 272-8317. 
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