Pool party planned for April; new support group added; eating healthy affects your mental health
Eating with Mental Health in Mind

You've heard the expression "You are what you eat." The types of food we eat have a huge impact on not just our pants size, but also our mental well-being.
Foods nourish our mind as well as our body; what we eat each day can affect our mood and energy levels. Recent research shows that food can have a positive effect on depression, ADHD, and schizophrenia.
Nearly two thirds of people without daily mental health problems eat fresh fruit or fruit juice every day, compared with less than half of those who do report daily mental health problems. This pattern is similar for fresh vegetables and salad. Those who report some level of mental health problem also eat fewer healthy foods (fresh fruit and vegetables; meals made from scratch) and more unhealthy foods (chips, candy, fast food, ready-prepared meals).
1 Mental Health Foundation. https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/a-to-z/d/diet-and- mental-health
Upcoming Socials

March Socials
Wed. Mar 8th 6-8pm  "BINGO!"
Thu. Mar 16th 1-2:30pm  "Healthy Habits Lunch"
See article below
Thur.  Mar 23rd 1-2pm  "Coffee and Crafts"
April Socials
Sat. Apr 8th 2-4pm  "Pool Party!"
See article below
Wed. Apr 12th 6-8pm  "Game Night"
Thur Apr 20th- No Social
Thur. Apr 27th 1-2pm  "Coffee and Crafts"
Pool Party!!

Join Compeer as we head to the heated, indoor pool at the Y at the VA. This warm, salt-water pool will be a fun setting to be with your Compeer friends.
Swimsuits are required (this is a YMCA rule); regular shirts and shorts are not allowed in the pool.
This event is limited to 35 guests. Please RSVP by March 30th to attend by calling the office at 272-8317.
Healthy Habits Lunch
Healthy Living: Nutrition, Exercise, and More
Lisa Miranda, a nurse through South Central PA Health Care Quality Unit, will be our guest speaker at our  Healthy Habits Lunch on March 16th. Lisa will be presenting an overview of healthy lifestyles topics, from healthy eating, how to stay fit, and more.
Lunch will be provided. Call the office to RSVP at 272-8317.
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to our friends and volunteers!
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