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Upcoming Events What is HR Technology? A View from 30,000 Feet
John Sumser, Human Resources Executive
There are several different HR technologies that can help organizations achieve short and long-term goals. The technologies available for your firm are dependent on your unique needs and can be implemented in different ways based on your company size, location, business model, and industry. Systems such as Recruitment Marketing, Performance Management, Compensation, Human Resources Information System (HRIS), and more can help align your company objectives and achievement of goals. Did you know compensation software is a HR technology being used more by large enterprises burdened with the administration process of comp planning? COMPOSE by Decusoft is a total compensation management software \solution that ensures you receive the maximum ROI from all efficiencies and flexibility that our award-winning software offers with personalized support through implementation and beyond. Interested in learning more? Click here to see how you can better leverage COMPOSE to help manage your compensation plans. Read more
Tips for Estimating ROI When Selecting HR Systems
Are you receiving a ROI for your HRIS purchase? Follow the insights from this article to get a better understanding of the financial benefit your company is receiving from your HRIS investment. Utilizing outside resources to compare others experience using a HRIS tool is one approach in deciding if your company would benefit from investing in a HRIS tool. Other insights include tracking hours of labor, and estimating productivity increases during your HRIS evaluation process to determine how much more money your company could earn after implementing a HRIS tool. Read more to get details on other approaches that could be your company’s deciding factor! Read more
Cafe Classic: Market Position --- Global or Local?
In a global economy, many companies have employees residing and working in multiple countries. The comp function must adhere to the ways that pay practices differ around the world, and programs/processes need to be put in place that will enable the company to effectively implement their comp programs, in the local language/currency, and allow them to compete for top talent. H ere are some things you might want to check into for each location when expanding globally:  Read more
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