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Steve Boese: Single suite or best of breed—which is better?
Steve Boese , Human Resources Executive
As technology evolves overtime, the decision for HR leaders to implement a single suite or best of bread software solution is becoming harder as both have great benefits. A single suite related to HR software is a solution that provides support for all primary functions for HR management and administration in one system such as payroll, recruiting, talent, etc. The benefit of a single suited solution is having all your processes managed in one tool. The best of breed solution offers the “best” and top performing system to support specific HR functions such as compensation, recruiting, talent, etc. The debate is whether it’s better to have one solution for different HR functions or have a best of breed solution that offers the top features, capabilities, design, and services to carry out HR administration processes. This article will take you through a detailed description of both solutions to help you make an informed decision that’s most suitable for your organization. Read more
HR Data Issues Caused by Lack of Customizations in HR Systems,
Eric St-Jean , TechTarget
Did you know that HR vendors make implementations easier for buyers by limiting the number of customizations in their software? Limited customizations have negative impacts for organizations, forcing buyers to use a tool that does not fully meet their needs or drive company success. Often, these tools contain additional fields or “picklists” that buyers do not want, making it frustrating for them to use the system to manage their HR administration processes. This increases the chances of data issues, unwanted features, increased administration work and time, and frustration! Read further to see how you can avoid purchasing a HCM tool that is poor fitting for your organization. Read more
A Complete Guide to Buying Human Capital Management Software
Is your current HCM software helping or hurting your company success? Leveraging the right HCM system helps align short and long-term goals to increase company growth, success, performance, and much more! With so many HCM options to choose from, a complete guide from TechTarget can help you make an informed decision in choosing the best solution for your organization and maximize your ROI. Start by identifying your business requirements and objectives that will positively impact your organization currently and in the future. This will allow HR buyers to eliminate poor vendors and ensure you receive all benefits and ROI from your implemented HCM software. 
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