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Which HRIS System is Right for Your Company?
Roger Webster, HR Daily Advisor
With so many HRIS vendors to choose from, finding the best solution for your organization can be a long and difficult search. Reference this guide to be confident in the vendor you choose to partner with. The first step is to explore various vendors and receive objective feedback from references. You can easily narrow your search down from this step alone. Ask yourself the following questions: Does this vendor even provide the services I am searching for? Is training included during the implementation process? How long does the implementation process take? While there are hundreds of HRIS vendors to choose from, having a plan in place will help you eliminate poor vendors and identify the one that is best suited for you! Click here to read further in discovering other ways to narrow your HRIS vendor search down. Read more
HRIS System Impact to Companies
HRIS systems allow HR leaders to align company objectives and achieve short and long-term goals. These solutions are helpful tools for work on performance, financial planning and analytics, and decision making. The daily operations that occur within organizations would transform drastically by implementing a HRIS solution that can help automate processes, reduce time, cost, and errors in administration. Structures of organizations will also change as work and time are used efficiently for other business objectives that they wouldn’t otherwise have time for if it weren’t for their HRIS. You can guarantee that with additional time available from your HR team, company improvements occur in employee engagement, collaboration, and culture.   Read more
Disruptive Tech and the Future of HR
David Shadovitz, HR Executive
With new emerging technology, comes a series of concerns to debate and how your business can be improved or weaken because of them. Ravin Jesuthasan, Managing Director and Author, highlights his expertise in explaining how these technological advancements with automation will impact HR leaders and business development for the better. To much surprise, the transition of automation does not affect jobs directly, but rather eliminate the routine, repetitive, and analytical work. Leaving leaders to focus on other business objectives such as training and critical decision-making tasks that were otherwise neglected when most of their time was previous taken up with those component tasks. According to Jesuthasan, there is the potential to have “30 percent [more] work created by the presence of that automation.” Are you ready to join the world of automation? Click the link to see other insights from Jesethasan on the impacts of automation in the HR world and how this impacts future jobs and recruiting.
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