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The Intent to Incent is our Sun
Dan Walter, Compensation Café
What are the intensions with your recent incentive plan? Is it a broad plan that targets the majority of the population, individuals reaching personal goals, or a little bit of both? According to Compensation Café, your company’s intent on creating and administering incentive plans comes from the underlying question of why?; without it, complications may rise with steps moving forward in design, communication, management, and administering the program correctly and effectively. Click to learn more on how you can improve your incentive plans and the how knowing WHY can significantly impact your company’s growth. Read more
Can Humans and Tech Hold Hands
Nishika de Rosairo , HR Technologist
In today’s society, the rise of technology can feel like a blessing or a curse for many businesses. Insights from HR Technologist suggest implementing optimal technology solution(s) for your business is the smart way to achieve overall company growth and success. Now more than ever, HR leaders have a solution to help manage and execute daily responsibilities while reducing the time and labor of any manual work. With greater efficiency, leaders have more time and help to focus on other business objectives. Continue reading to see why businesses are actively seeking to stay up to date with current technologies and how it impacts their business operations and overall success. Read more
Important Considerations When Buying an HRIS
Dave Rietsema , HR Payroll Systems
Purchasing a HRIS system is a huge decision that will impact the way employees and sensitive company information are managed. All businesses have unique exceptions and requirements that will need to be managed efficiently and optimally. The question is, out of all the different types of HRIS systems to choose from, where do you start the search in finding the right solution for your company? Read more from HR Payroll Systems to get expert insights on leveraging the most suitable solution that aligns with the needs of your business and covers important details such features, functionality, and HRIS support post implementation. Read more

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