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Want Higher Profits? Hire a Female CEO, CFO
Shannon Hassler & Beatrice Grech-Cumbo, Korn Ferry Advisory
Women are a lot of things: they are nurturing, diligent, strong, intelligent, and empathetic. But did you know, according to Korn Ferry, women are also the growing trend of increase financial performance and company success! A study from S&P Global ( source ) found that women in senior finance roles 
experienced a 6% increase in profitability and 8% larger stock returns during the first 24 months in office compared to males. Additionally, firms with female CFOs generated $1.8 trillion more in gross profit than their male peers. Click to read more about the impact of women leadership and how leadership teams with higher rates of diversity are “more likely to produce innovative products and deliver them faster to the market than non-diverse groups.” Read more
Market Position --- Global or Local?
Is your global organization administering a compensation package that suits the needs of all employees worldwide? Different packages will be relevant for different employees based on where they are located around the world and a standard policy may not be suitable for all employees. Insights from Compensation Café can help you stay current with best practices such as paying employees competitive to the market within that country. Failing to do so may leave your company struggling to find top talent for critical positions. Click to learn about how know the trends, unemployment rate, population of the area, etc. can help you strategize your global compensation packages to meet the needs of attracting top talent for your global company. Read more
What are the Shortcomings of Spreadsheets?
Contributor of Quora | Consumer Tech, Forbes
Spreadsheets have revolutionized the way we do business over the past decade. With various short cut functions, businesses have adapted to using spreadsheets for the majority of their daily operations. But the unfortunate reality is that “88% of spreadsheets still include mistakes which are costing businesses billions of dollars!” Quora discusses helpful features to lessen the amount of obvious spreadsheets errors such as leveraging data validation but, there is nothing to prevent human error. Thankfully, there are third party vendor applications that are created to solve the issues people encounter with spreadsheets like the award-winning COMPOSE. Are you interested in saying goodbye to the old way of spreadsheets and experience the innovative way to have a centralized, automated software solution to help manage your business-critical plans and processes? Click to learn about other risks spreadsheets can have on your business and how leveraging an automated solution can reduce time, cost, and errors so you can improve the way your daily business operations is managed.

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