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The Rise of Remote Work and Its Impact on Compensation
Brett Christie, World at Work
Silicon Valley tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft were among the first to transition their workforces to full-time remote at the onset of the pandemic. They’ve also been among the first to announce the extension of that remote work through 2020 and beyond. This has caused many in the industry to rethink the work model and wonder what it means for the future of Silicon Valley. Read more
Avoiding Analysis Paralysis
Chuck Csizmar, Compensation Cafe
In order to effectively manage reward programs compensation practitioners and their senior management leaders need to understand how competitive those programs are. In making that determination, though, just how precise does the analysis have to be? To what lengths should one go to increase the level of perceived exactitude in the analysis, and is that effort worthwhile? Does the effort to squeeze out greater precision bring more meaningful results? Read more
How to Be Competitive on Pay and Benefits in International Markets
David Rice, HR Exchange
The shift to remote work has opened up the possibility of hiring a global workforce. The benefits of hiring a global workforce go beyond widening the talent pool as a method of addressing skill gaps, though that is undoubtedly a huge benefit. It also allows a company to develop market understanding, connect with audiences in other markets, and results in a rich workplace culture. Read more
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