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The Future of Total Rewards: A More Prominent Role in HR
Tom Scanlan and Christopher Freedman, SpencerStuart
It is the unique functions carried out by HR that allow companies to continue running properly. More recently, research conducted by SpencerStuart shows total reward leaders rising to become essential assets to CHRO’s in Fortune 200 companies. As total reward positions continue to evolve, companies will likely have a stronger demand for recruiting this type of position in the near future. And for those outside of total rewards experience? Opportunities to assist HR in aspects such as HR technology, recruiting, development and growth, etc. will still be a continuous need. Click to read the details on the study conducted and how other industries and companies will be impacted.
The Promotion Sweet Spot
Chris Dobyns, Compensation Café
Promotions can be given for various reasons as a way to incentivize employees to carry out a specific task(s) or simply to compensate them for moving up in the organization. Dobyns introduces what is known as compensation theory which supports the idea that there are two types of promotions: Organization and Growth. Interested to know if how you can incorporate these types into your compensation plans? Click to read more on compensation theory and how you can improve the way promotions are granted in your company. Read more
Keeping a Secret
Chuck Csizmar, Compensation Café
Are you aware of what your salary is competitive to the market? Do you fall at the min, midpoint or max of the salary range for your job grade including time with the company, knowledge, and level of expertise? How is your job position valued in relation to your company’s compensation program? If you were unable to answer these basic questions, it’s time you seek out the answers from HR! Companies are becoming more transparent with sharing this information with employees, so they have reference of where they stand with the company and to measure their potential to grow. Nowadays, with compensation solutions like Compose , organizations have the flexibility to maintain and draw analysis on employee data so HR leaders can be sure their employees are being compensated fairly for their contributions to the company.

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