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3 Ways to Improve This Year’s Compensation Communications
 Margaret O’Hanlon, Compensation Cafe
Is this year’s comp planning bringing you stress? As we reach the end of Q1, there is a lot of planning, strategizing, and validating in order to meet deadlines and roll out payments which can bring a lot of tension. Regardless of what your organizations plan designs are, Compensation Café’s insights to improving compensation communications can be extremely useful during this busy time of year. Insights such as getting someone in a decision maker, project management role to help guide conversation and make those hard decisions that without them would otherwise take days or even weeks to decide. And more importantly, not losing touch with your colleagues! As many of us know, the planning and administrative aspects of comp planning can take weeks or even months to finalize, and it’s not a great time to get disconnected with from colleagues. If you are looking for motivation to help get you through the end of Q1 this is it! Click to read more on how to improve your comp planning communication and leverage it at any time during your company’s incentive award period! Read more
10 Revealing Questions to Ask Enterprise Software Vendors
Christie Hoffman, Khoros
Integrating software solutions are becoming a norm for many large enterprises due to the reduced time, cost, and administration of planning outside a centralized and automated system. However, with all the different vendors out there, how can you find the one best suited for your company? According to Khoros, an employee engagement platform, the initial step in your research for selecting a vendor should be checking customer reviews. As a member of the Decusoft Implementation team, we stand by that and know how important it is to choose a vendor that not only meets the needs of your organization but can offer the flexibility you will need to grow your system. In fact, we take pride in having 90% satisfaction and customer retention rate among our customers. Click to learn more about evaluating software vendors through client reviews and other insights from Khoros.   Read more
How to Develop a Data Savvy HR Department
Nigel Guenole & Sheri L. Feinzig , Harvard Business Review
HR leaders are a fundamental piece of an organization. But having an HR team that is also analytically savvy gives you an advantage as you have the knowledge to work with colleagues in other subdivisions of your organization like finance, HRIS and HR data and analytics. The authors and researches for the book The Power of People categorize HR professionals into three categories: Analytically Savvy, Analytically Willing, and Analytically Resistant. Experts can tell someone’s comfort level of analytics based on which of the three categories they fall under and is used to train HR leaders to engage in different learning opportunities regardless of how analytically driven they are or are not. Looking to see where you stand on the HR analytical spectrum? Click to find out and learn more about how you can improve your analytical skills in the workplace. Read more

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