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More organizations are recognizing the importance of including pay equity as part of employee's compensation packages. Research conducted by WorldatWork and Korn Ferry in the " 2019 Pay Equity Practices Survey of C-Suite and Reward leaders" concludes that 60% of organizations are addressing pay equity in workplaces. Executives and HR departments are more frequently seeing the impacts of culture and trust within their organization as a result of addressing pay equity in their employee's packages. This foundation not only keeps employees treated fairly but also keeps them motivated to drive company success. Are you avoiding pay equity conversations with colleagues? Read more to find how addressing pay equity in the workplace could benefit your organization and keep your employees motivated!  read more  

Presenting the Business Case for New HRIS Software

Often, HR decision makers struggle to motivate their company with the idea of investing in a HRIS system. But developing a business case that follow these steps will make you confident and heard! The first and most critical step is to keep your company's current interests and long-term goals in mind while thinking about the best approach to pitch how a new HRIS system will make a positive impact on your organization. But don't go overboard when talking about the system's benefits. Be honest about your research and explain the limitations. It will help you define the objectives which your executives will appreciate in the end.   read more 

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