Treasure Beach, Jamaica...
A State of Mind...
Treasure beach is a small but interesting and dynamic community with a great sense of its own identity seeking to develop the potential of the area as well as cultivating and marketing of a unique brand of tourism. 

To this end, Compete Caribbean provided technical assistance to the Treasure Beach cluster with a view to generating wealth and sustained prosperity through increasing the competitiveness of businesses in the area and the creation of greater access to new markets. 

Roger Wheelock, Lead Advisor with Canadian Executive Services Organisation (CESO), the firm volunteering to Treasure Beach in a mentorship and advisory capacity, has provided a unique perspective on the Treasure Beach project and its progress to date. 
Rupununi Catch & Release Project Forever Changed Guyana

Compete Caribbean successfully closed the Rupununi cluster project in Guyana in May
2016 to resounding accolades from numerous factions in that country.

The project comprises three lodges - Karanambu, Surama and Rewa - who joined  forces to develop an internationally competitive and sustainable sport fishing Tourism  cluster in Guyana, with a view to increasing profits for the SMEs, preservation and  protection of Arapaima stocks, and improved quality of life for the surrounding  communities. Listen to what Shaun McGrath, President of The Hotel and  Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG), had to say about the benefits to  Guyana:

Pure Diving with Eco Dive in Grenada

Established in 1996, Grenada based Eco Dive is currently owned and operated (since 2009) by Marine Biologists, Andre Miller and Christine Finney. Listen to Christine Finney, Marine Biologist & Eco Dive Operator, as she passionately describes the graduation to the Pure Grenada brand and by extension, the evolution of the Pure Diving brand.
Compete Caribbean  was at the forefront of funding the rebranding of Grenada to a destination able to effectively compete on the global landscape.

Pure Grenada Considered a Success Story!

Listen to the Hon. Alexandra Otway-Noel, Minister of Tourism in Grenada as she proudly declares the Pure Grenada rebranding effort a resounding success.

Protein From Waste Embracing Grenadian Farmers

Protein From Waste and Local Crops (PFW) Founder and Director, Jim Aronson explains the progression of a farmers' co-operative society which emerged from the grant his project received from Compete Caribbean.

Aronson's succession plan involves these co-op farmers taking over the PFW plant. Meanwhile, he also reveals the significant environmental benefits of the project. PFW is an innovative solution to Grenada's development problems by making creative use of the island's waste. The PFW process uses all free waste including waste oil as fuel. The output is a valuable commodity on the open market but will be used in this case to assist a battered community of poultry farmers to grow and prosper. Listen Below.

Toward a Business Climate Reform Agenda in the Caribbean

This paper combines the findings of four relatively independent data collection efforts to uncover which aspects of the current business climate most affect the private sector in that region. It is meant to help national and regional policymakers navigate the complex topic of business climate reform in the Caribbean.
What's Happening...

    3D concept with  help desk  sign and bell on a white background
Public-Private Partnership Helpdesk Launched by the CDB - The Helpdesk will assist governments to better manage PPP programmes and projects, especially in the early stages of development. It will provide support to governments through the provision of specialist consultants, to undertake pre-feasibility studies and PPP screening.

"Many potential PPP projects in the Caribbean never get past the concept stage, as it takes a lot of work, technical capacity and money, to move a project from concept, through to feasibility study, then implementation. What we hope to do through this Helpdesk, which is a free resource to our Member Governments, is to assist in ensuring that projects that can have real potential are supported," said S. Brian Samuel, PPP Coordinator at CDB. Read More and More


Achieving a Resilient Future for Small States: Caribbean 2050  -  T he Caribbean faces numerous economic, social and environmental challenges, with current projections predicting the road ahead to be filled with low levels of growth, high debt and low resilience.

In Achieving a Resilient Future for Small States: Caribbean 2050, the contributors set out a long-term, research-based strategy for avoiding these projections, recommending a number of policy interventions aimed at building the region's resilience and development prospects.

Written by influential analysts and researchers and drawing on a wide cross-section of regional stakeholders and thought leaders, the study contains an assessment of the main challenges and opportunities for the region, scenario modelling of where the region could be by 2050, and a broad vision for the region with sector specific goals of how to get there.  Read More