Years of Excellence

Winterfest Virtual Event Information

(WAG only)

2022 Winterfest is taking place virtually. Routines videos will be taken on January 30 (Sunday) during the regular training session.


  • the morning group (regular 9:30am) will start at 10:00am on this day only.
  • Coach Jenny's Level 1 group will participate from 1:30-4:30pm.

Those who are not registered to compete but has their regular training day on Sunday, will participate in a mock meet.

What to wear:

  • hair neatly tied
  • new competitive bodysuit (please read the washing instructions carefully)
  • Flicka track suit

Please note that the routines will be reviewed by the judges in early February, therefore we will not hear from the organizers - regarding the awards - until later next month.

Awards and gift bodysuits will be mailed to Flicka and will be handed out as soon as received.

Christy Fraser Invitational Event Information

(MAG only)

The event will take plan in person on February 18-20, 2022 in the Langley Event Centre.

Your son is expected to compete on one of these days. The schedule will be shared as soon as it is release by the host club.

What to wear:

  • Competition team wear (handed out last week)
  • Flicka tracksuit (it will be handed out today)

Healthy Nutrition

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Please take some time to read through the slideshow from Gymnastics Canada's nutritionist to boost your child's energy with the right choices of food during the day.


Upcoming February Charges

  • February monthly training fee
  • Twisters Invitational Registration Fee ($135) - WAG & MAG
  • Christy Fraser Invitational Registration Fee ($130) - MAG
  • Tape/Chalk ($3) for those who purchased any from the office

All charges have been posted on your family account. You may access your account through the 'Register' button on our website to right corner.

If your credit card recently expired, please log in and update your payment information.

Spring Break Schedule

The schedule during the spring break remains the same for both WAG and MAG.

FGC Covid-19 Safety Plan

January 20, 2022