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City of HoustonDecember 2018

Season's Greetings  

The leadership and staff of the Planning & Development Department wish you joy and good health as we look forward to 2019. Happy holidays!

Community Highlights
Newly Re-SPARKed park at Osbourne Elementary

Re-SPARK dedication ceremony

Re-SPARK: A dedication ceremony for the re-SPARK (re-do of school park) at Osbourne Elementary School was held on December 3. The re-SPARK included a mural, a regraded walking trail, a new entry way, and new playground equipment. Funding was provided by the City of Houston Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the Houston Arts Alliance, Commissioner Rodney Ellis, and All Play Inc.

Wranglers on trail ride
Trail Ride: Sandra Price presented a celebration of the Acres Homes Black Cowboys History, Culture, & Artistic Appeal with a trail ride/parade, show & tell, zydeco and country western music event on December 1.
MOCA: On December 13, the Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs (MOCA) will host a community engagement meeting at the Beulah Shepard-Acres Homes Library from 6 to 7:45 pm. The community will engage with artists regarding the proposed vision for the pending mini-murals.
Contact Information: The planner for Acres Home is Christa Stoneham. You can reach her at 832-393-6600 or CC_AcresHome@houstontx.gov.


Gulfton ABC Dental: The ABC Dental Family Dentistry is organizing a Magical Christmas event on Friday, December 21 from 8 to 11 am at 6704 Hillcroft, 77081. Kids must be present to receive gifts, and toys are limited to the first 600 kids. For more information, please contact ABC Dental at 713-995-1700.
BakerRipley Services:  In collaboration with the City of Houston, BakerRipley expanded services at the community centers after Hurricane Harvey so residents can get more information and connection to resources in the community that can help them in their recovery, as well as establish plans for the resiliency of the neighborhood.  Please check out the web site for valuable information about the Neighborhood Restoration Center at https://www.bakerripley.org/services/bakerripley-gulfton-campus-neighborhood-restoration-center.
Neighborhood Support Team: At the November meeting, copies of Gulfton Action Plan were distributed to residents and agencies. Our next Neighborhood Support Team meeting will be scheduled in February at the Southwest Multi-Service Center, 6400 High Star Drive, 77074. If you would like to join a work group committee, please visit the Complete Communities website and sign up today under the Gulfton page. 
Gulfton Super Neighborhood: Gulfton Super Neighborhood Council monthly meeting is every third Monday of the month at the Southwest Multi-Service Center, 6400 High Star Drive, 77074, from 12 to 1 pm.
Contact Information: The planners for Gulfton are Tonya Sawyer and Abraham Zorrilla. You can reach them at 832-393-6600 or CC_Gulfton@houstontx.gov  
Super Neighborhood 51: The recent Super Neighborhood Council #51 (SNC #51) meeting was held on November 29 at 6 pm at the Lindale Park Clubhouse. Monthly reports were made from members of the SN#51 committees, which have been recently formed by the council. These  committees are: Business/Commercial and Housing Development, City Council/Local Government, Community Engagement/Civic Group, Crime and Safety/Police/Regulatory Affairs, Historic Preservation/Neighborhood Beautification, Media, and School/PTO. If you are interested in joining one of these committees, you can sign up at a future meeting or contact the Super Neighborhood at snc51houston@gmail.com. In addition, hard copies of the Near Northside Complete Communities Action, in both English and Spanish, were handed out to the attendees in celebration of its completion and adoption by City Council. Pizza was also provided. The next meeting is expected to be held on Thursday, January 24, 2019. Location is to be determined. If you have any questions regarding the Super Neighborhood, contact SN#51 at snc51houston@gmail.com.

Painted crosswalk at Henry and Tackaberry Streets, photo courtesy of Can Do Houston
Volunteers improving the crosswalk at Henry and Commons Streets, photo courtesy of Can Do Houston

Safe Routes to Parks Early Action Project: Crosswalks near Castillo Park were recently improved as part of a project led by Can Do Houston, in collaboration with the Safe Routes to Parks National Partnership, City of Houston Public Works Department, Mayor's Office of Special Events, Marshall Middle School, Northside High School, and Near Northside residents and advocates. Results from walkability audits performed by Near Northside residents and advocates at Castillo Park in June 2018 showed a need for safer pedestrian crossings in the area. With the help of funding from the National Partnership's Safe Routes to Parks Activating Communities program, Can Do Houston seeks to increase safety and improve pedestrian access through Castillo Park and surrounding areas. The intersection at Commons Street and Henry Street was enhanced on September 29, and Henry and Tackaberry was improved on November 3. Can Do Houston is a nonprofit organization that aims to promote health equity across Houston by addressing barriers to good health in communities with limited resources. The Safe Routes to School National Partnership is a nonprofit organization that improves quality of life for kids and communities by promoting healthy, safe infrastructure and physical activities.

Contact Information: The planner for Near Northside is Davonte Caldwell. You can reach him at 832-393-6600 or CC_NearNorthside@houstontx.gov.   


Second Ward Complete Communities Celebration: The Second Ward Complete Communities Action Plan was released at the Second Ward Super Neighborhood #63 meeting and holiday gathering on December 3. The Planning and Development Department would like to extend a big thank you to everyone that helped make the plan a reality. We also want to thank Super Neighborhood #63 for having us at their meeting! If you were unable to attend this celebration, we will have copies of the plan available at future meetings.
Work Groups: A Second Ward Complete Communities Economy and Jobs meeting was held on November 27. At the meeting, incentives for new development and available programs were discussed, including 380 agreements, on the job training, the skills development fund, tax abatements, and historic site tax exemption. The Second Ward Complete Communities Economy and Jobs Work Group plans to continue discussions on how to market Second Ward as a prime location for industry, businesses, retail, and restaurants. After the holidays, we will focus on new projects related to the Second Ward Complete Communities Action Plan.

Contact Information: The planners for Second Ward are David Welch and Eriq Glenn. You can reach them at 832-393-6600 or CC_SecondWard@houstontx.gov 

Holiday in the Park: December 15, 10 am to 12 pm, is a family fun day at Emancipation Park! Contact Iman Garrett-Price for more information at 713-528-1872. 

Thank you to those that participated in the planning, engagement and progress of Third Ward! Compliments to the organizations dedicated to housing, health, education, history, character and to new developments to come. If you want to be a part of contributing activities in Third Ward, you may join one of the following workgroups: Civic Engagement, Economy and Jobs, Education, Health, Housing, Mobility and Infrastructure, Neighborhood Character, Parks and Community Amenities, or Safety. To participate in the implementation process of one of the work groups, you may sign up with the online form: https://www.tfaforms.com/4660071. You will be added to Third Ward notifications. For standard meeting times, visit the calendar:  http://www.houstontx.gov/completecommunities/thirdward/.

Small Business Lending Matchmaking Event: On December 14, at 8:30 am, a "Speed Dating for Entrepreneurs" business event begins in the community, with meetings from 9 am to 12:30 pm. There is no cost, but pre-registration is required. SBA, the Small Business Administration, and Houston Area Urban League are the organizers. Contact easterwright@sba.go v  for required registration and for all details. 
Super Neighborhood: The Greater Third Ward Super Neighborhood will not meet in December. Please join us at the January meeting on January 17, 2019, at 6 pm. The meeting will be held at the Third Ward Multi-Service Center at 3611 Ennis Street, 77004. Topics will include officer elections, a discussion on the overall themes selected artists will use in their designs, work group reports, and more.
Contact Information: The planners for Third Ward are Lynn Henson and Annette Mitchell. You can reach them at 832-393-6600 or CC_ThirdWard@houstontx.gov.

Tips From the Toolbox

Harvey Recovery Fairs: City of Houston Neighborhood Restoration Centers and community partners continue to reach out to people affected by Hurricane Harvey through an ongoing series of Harvey Recovery Fairs. The events are sponsored in partnership with community agencies and are designed to connect people to the services, resources and guidance they need toward full recovery. The remaining fair in the series is on Saturday, December 15, 9 am to 2 pm, Deluxe Theatre, 3303 Lyons Avenue, 77020. Case managers will be on hand to help clients prepare a recovery plan and direct them to participating community agencies that offer the services and resources they need. Agency representatives will inform clients about available services and eligibility requirements, and assist them with the completion of applications. For more information, call the Department of Neighborhoods at 832-393-0832. 

In Memoriam: Patrick Walsh
The Planning & Development Department is deeply saddened by the recent passing of Planning Director Patrick Walsh after a battle with cancer. For the past five years, Director Walsh worked tirelessly to make Houston a better place. Our thoughts and prayers are with Lindsey, Julian, and the entire Walsh family.
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