Intel i9-9900T is a 8 core / 16 thread CPU at 2.10 GHz base with built-in Intel® UHD Graphics 630. As stated in the review, this type of UHD Graphics is sufficient enough for standard web browsing and 4K playback. The reviewers were not able to record any dropped frames when playing a 4K UHD video.

Cinebench ratings of the CPU in a fanless environment are better than many Intel NUC Core i7 models, taking into account that more powerful NUC models still combine both passive and active cooling methods - while Impact's IMP-3654-B1-R is 100% fan-free. (As expected, some of the results of this Core i9 processor are lower than some higher-end Core i7 processors, because it is a special low-power SKU for a fanless mini-computer design. Also its maximum Turbo Mode of 4.40 GHz specified by Intel may be slightly limited with this particular motherboard.) Optionally IMP-3654-B1-R can also be used with Core i7, Core i5, or lower-grade CPU up to 35W TDP.