As our world seems to get more complex by the day, we offer you a new set of resources to support you to be your biggest, most helpful self even when the pressures of the world make that ever more difficult. We are offering more support than ever to help you thrive. Read on for ways to learn, grow, read, and connect. And be in touch--the world needs us to be thinking, acting, and being together more than ever before. 
Cultivating Leadership                                                                April 2018
Fifteen ideas that will help you be your biggest self in a complex and uncertain world

Dipping into the blogs of the past couple of years offers key foundational blogs on Cynefin, the ways to lead with your biggest self, and the core developmental nature of anti-fragility. Come, read and gather the building blocks of leading in complexity.

Leading in Complex Times: Join for a day, build a movement to create a better tomorrow

Creating unique solutions requires developing different mindsets and using different patterns to tackle problems. Join us 20th September in London in a joint initiative between Cultivating Leadership, Harthill Consulting and MDV Consulting, to explore new tools and practices to grow your capacity to lead in today's complex world--and support others to grow theirs. This one-day workshop for LD and HR practitioners will offer cutting-edge thinking and practice about leading in complexity. We will also begin what we hope to be an emerging movement in supporting ourselves and those we work with to use the complexity and uncertainty of the world to create a better future. Email for more information or to register, and watch this space as we begin to co-create this event with one another and with you.
Introducing a new resource for cultivating whole leaders for complexity
You have great skills, and your approaches have worked in the past, but in an increasingly-complex system, your best is not enough.  Doing something different--perhaps untested and not certain to succeed--feels uncomfortable. If this sounds familiar, Carolyn has some sage resources to help you think about different ways to survive (and maybe even thrive) in an unpredictable landscape. 
Workshops 2018

Conversations at the Growing Edge: Back on line and in your living room after a magical first run
We weren't sure it could be done--to take our foundational course and create a virtual version that you could attend in your PJs. But the initial run was fantastic and the reviews were stellar, so here we go again!

Jennifer Garvey Berger and Carolyn Coughlin
Online - six live sessions with work in between and coaching support.
July 17-October 4 2018
If you have already attended Conversations at the Growing Edge (virtually or in person) and are wanting more, or are on the Pathway to Certification as a Growth Edge Coach, these workshops are for you:

Last chance! Expanding Client Horizons Openly: US East Coast
Maryland, US
April 24-26 2018
Carolyn Coughlin and Beth Greenland
Click here for full details and to register
Psychologically Spacious Coaching: Australia
NSW, Australia
4 - 6 May 2018
Patrice Laslett
Click here for full details and to register
Psychologically Spacious Coaching: US East Coast 
Maryland, US
8-10 May 2018
Carolyn Coughlin and Beth Greenland
Psychologically Spacious Coaching: First London workshop ever!
London, UK
25-27 May 2018
Jennifer Garvey Berger

How seeing boundaries can help us grapple with complex issues
Referencing diverse issues, from bird populations to keeping schools safe, Keith writes about how the parties impacted by any issue draw boundaries around what's important to them. How does knowing this and learning to recognise the boundaries in an issue help?

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Sometimes it just feels easier to hold your tongue to avoid dissent, or our protective-friend fear tells us to just go with the flow and keep quiet. In the third of her four-part series on foundational leadership practices, Kathrin talks about speaking your truth, why it is hard, and why it is an essential practice for leaders.
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