We have received 501 2020 Emissions Inventory Reports out of 558 facilities. The Division of Air Quality staff are in the process of reviewing your reports, and will reach out to you if they have questions. Thank you for your cooperation and hard work in submitting your report!
Who You Gonna Call? Reporting Pollution to DEQ’s Spill Hotline
We count on citizens to report environmental incidents to DEQ that may pose a threat to the public, the environment or result in releases of possible contaminants. You can report a spill to the hotline number at (801) 536-4123 if you believe a hazardous substance has been released. The spill line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because DEQ is a regulatory agency, it is not always in charge of cleaning up a spill or mitigating the contamination. Based on authority and jurisdictions, this responsibility may lie with other state and federal agencies or local governments. Cleaning up harmful releases to the environment can take as little as a few hours, several days, months or even years.
Centralized Air Emissions Reporting System Improvements
Oil & gas sources operating on lands under state jurisdiction within Utah are required to register with the Utah Division of Air Quality (UDAQ) in accordance with R307-505. The Centralized Air Emissions Reporting System (CAERS) is a data submission and review tool specifically for oil and gas emissions sources in Utah. 

Recently, the Division of Air Quality made improvements to the CAERS database based on ideas and feedback from the oil and gas group in Minor Source Compliance.

Improvements include: 
  • The reorganization of content to ensure the most important fields and information are easier to access
  • Expanded dropdown choices 
  • Easier invoicing and the creation of new fields for input of inspection data  
  • Compliance status, notes and a link to the online memo 
  • Nightly sync with the main database 
  • Site ID number on Source Profile and Source Management dashboards 
  • Access permission changes allowing users to input API numbers, equipment data and other single informational items directly 

We are continually working to improve this database so that it is a valuable tool for all of our partners. Learn more about the reporting system, registration and see new improvements to the database here.