2021 Point Source Emission Inventories were due in SLEIS on April 15th if:
  • The facility is a large major.
  • The facility increases/decreases by 40 tons or more from the previous year.
  • The facility is new and subject to Title V billing, they must submit a baseline inventory.
  • The facility has a PTE of more than 25 tons of NOx or VOC. (a new ozone emission statement section of rule R307-150-9)

If you have any questions, please contact Catherine Williams or Cate Youatt
Finding Emission Reductions for Summertime Ozone in the Northern Wasatch Front
In an effort to address Utah ozone pollution, DAQ’s scientists are looking for ideas from the public. They need your help and have developed an Interactive Inventory tool to allow anyone to explore Utah’s emissions and formulate ideas on emission reduction strategies. Find out how to get involved here.