Compliance Outreach

Newsletter: Vol XIII

Update to Minor Source Compliance Section

The Minor Source Compliance Section has been divided, creating an Oil and Gas Compliance Section. You can find source contacts on our site.

Update to R307-401-14 Used Oil Burners

The Used Oil Burners Rule has been updated from 1 MMBtu/hr. to 0.5 MMBTU/hr. This rule establishes the application and permitting requirements for new installations and modifications to existing installations throughout the state. See changes to the rule at the link below.

Used Oil Burners Rule

Ozone State Implementation Plan

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized reclassifications for the 2015 ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS).

The Southern Wasatch Front (Utah County) and Uinta Basin remain at marginal classification with no new regulatory requirements. The Northern Wasatch Front (Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, and Tooele counties) was reclassified to moderate nonattainment. A state implementation plan is due to EPA in January 2023 and must detail how the state plans to attain air quality standards including all emission reduction strategies. 

The Division of Air Quality has been planning for this for several years and has identified new rules, which include ultra-low NOx boiler replacements and hot mix asphalt plant controls. These rules will be proposed to the air quality board in the coming months.

For more information, read about our Ozone State Implementation Plan.

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