July 9, 2020
IFA Compliance Update
Thank you to the properties who have allowed our third-party vendor, Safe Building, to continue to conduct physical inspection safely throughout the past three months. Now that things are opening back up, we will need to start scheduling inspections so that we can get back on track by the end of the year.

While we are firmly committed to ensuring the health and well-being of all Iowans who live in the LIHTC/HOME and NHTF projects we monitor across the State, we cannot indefinitely postpone our monitoring responsibilities. Please know that Safe Building has implemented measures to limit contact with tenants and site staff to ensure both their health and that of our inspector, Ron Frazee.

When notified of an impending inspection, all units must be given 24-hour notice and may also be advised that they may request not to have their unit inspected if they have legitimate health concerns, but should be made aware of the extra safety precautions put in place by our vendor.

The transition for COL to CP is now complete, hopefully everyone received an email from Lisa Strait or Carol Wells with their new login information. If not, please email complianceadministrator@iowafinance.com and someone from IFA will be in touch.

Due to the recent change in applications from Certification Online (COL) to the Certification Portal (CP), the login into the Asset Management Portal (AM) is requiring a password reset. 

Please do the following:
1) Login to CP and right click on your name to get into “My Account”. 
2) Verify your email address is correct. If it is not correct, please change it and wait 10 minutes for the applications to update.
3) Go to AM and click on “forgot password”. 
4) Enter your username and email address and click “submit”. You will receive an email with a temporary password. 
5) Login to AM with your temporary password and you will be asked to set up a new password which can be the same one that is used for CP. 

Note that the password in each application will need to be maintained separately.

Please continue to use AM for entering occupancy on a quarterly basis and upload documents based on the project and its financing. Contact Tim Morlan  with any questions.