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December, 2016      
Compliance with the Plastic Bags Ban
Involves More Than Not Using Plastic Bags

The Law for Promoting the Use of Reusable Bags and the Regulation of the Use of Plastic Bags in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Law 247-2015) requires retailers to stop using disposable plastic bags at the point of sale.  However, even if retailers are not using plastic bags, they still have to comply with other requirements of the law. The Joint Regulation for Implementing the Law for Promoting the Use of Reusable Bags and the Regulation of the Use of Plastic Bags prepared by the Department of Consumer Affairs and the Solid Waste Authority was filed with the PR Department of State on November 30, 2016.
The effective date for compliance with the law is December 30, 2016. Failure to comply with the Law and the Regulation will entail the imposition of fines after an initial period for educating retailers on the requirements.
We at Goldman remain committed in assisting you and your business to adjust to these changes in the Law.
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