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(co-authored by a medical doctor)

The 4Leaf Guide to Vibrant Health was published in 2015 primarily aimed at helping Dr. Kerry Graff's patients as they began their journey to healthy eating and all the benefits that come with their permanent new eating habit. The front cover of that book is shown here:
Praise for the 4Leaf Guide  (including many doctors)

The 4Leaf Guide makes getting started with 4Leaf easy. It has 37 chapters that average less than 4 pages each. Very easy to read and understand; with lots of practical tools for getting started. 

Dr. Graff has included several case studies that will make you feel like you're in her office while she is counseling patients. There's also an entire chapter on effortless weight-loss, meal-planning/shopping guides, some great recipes to get started and lots of information that cover many reasons for eating 4Leaf, beyond health, that will help inspire you to take advantage of this opportunity to promote health for you and your family. 

Click below for the Introduction, Chapter 1, and a link to the Amazon page where you can learn more about the book and read its many reviews.

Want a complimentary copy? Just ask the folks in Human Resources. XYZ will be providing a FREE copy of this book to every single associate that asks for one. That way we won't be giving books to people who don't want it and will be unlikely to use it.

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