Out of this World
Greetings Dear Friends…

After being temporarily closed, I am happy to announce Monsoon Nectar is open again and and celebrating with a
free Green Tea Lip & Eye Balm gift with every order!

I am grateful for all of the support and patience I have received this past year, particularly when I got Covid just a few months ago, this last April. Luckily, I had a very mild case, albeit heavy with fatigue and brain fog, and those of you that knew swooped in with love and support, soup and decongestants! I was truly humbled and felt so taken care of.

One of the best things to come out of these turbulent times has been the heightened awareness of the environment, our impact on it and our symbiotic relationship with it. 

Natural, organic, sustainable GREEN products and lifestyles are coming to the forefront as real solutions to better our relationship with nature, each other, and ourselves. And if feels so good!

For now, enjoy 10% off all Monsoon Nectar products and my gift of Green Tea Lip & Eye Balm and get ready for summer fun! 

This past year I have been busy formulating so look for new products to come, like a hyaluronic acid + seaweed serum for the face, a seaweed glazing gel for hair, and natural perfume will be launched soon.

Check out the new limited edition Aroma Beauty Bars in a Sampler Box. Each box contains 2 Aroma Beauty Bars: 

Orange Crush Vitamin C
Indochine Gentle Exfoliant
Creamy Carrot Cake
Fougere Plus

Fougere (pronounced ‘foo-jair’ the 'j' a little soft – almost ‘foo-shair’)
Chypre (shipr) 

Fougere and Chypre are an introduction to perfumery and a tip of the hat to the classic aromas that made Chanel and Coty the names they are today! The Aroma Beauty Bars I have of these two classics are quite floral and will appeal to those that like a perfumy smell.

However, the aromas of fougere and chypre are just a portal to the diverse world of plant essences that will be at your disposal for making your own bespoke perfume, a new service I will be offering soon.

So start thinking of your favorite natural scents: Citrus, Floral, Herbaceous, Camphoraceous, Minty, Resinous, Earthy, Woody, and Spicy and let’s make some magic!
Weekly yoga classes to be announced soon!
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