Kudos to so many of you for dedicating your expertise and resources in helping others at this time. Thank YOU for the inspiration, and reinforcing the simple lesson of giving back.

In the sense of paying-it-forward, I'd like to invite you to join in a three-part complimentary Postural Therapy Movement Class series, tilted "Aligned and Functional for the Day Ahead"!

The classes will be comprised of fun and unique postural stretches and exercises to create new, more optimal pattens for your posture and health. Ingraining these patterns will be a function of doing the exercises correctly and consistently. Three classes should provide you with a great starting template for ingraining excellent form, a dedication to the postural sequences, and feeling how your body might change for the better a result.

Whether it's an individual in severe pain or someone who wants to sit comfortably at work or a performer seeking efficient movement, reinforcing new patterns (ie. Postural Therapy sequences) correctly and consistently is an essential variable in producing positive, long-term changes in ones posture and health. My hope is that your dedication here does that for you!
Aligned and Functional for the Day Ahead will take place from 8:30-9:30 am EST this Wednesday (May 6th), Friday (May 8th), and next Monday (May 11th) on Zoom; link is below.

My goals for you in joining the class are to:
  • Feel great and energetic for the day ahead.
  • Provide your body with new, more optimal patterns for your posture to 'hold' subconsciously so that you may sit, stand, and move more naturally. For example, sitting up straight becomes effortless rather than effortless.
  • Ingrain the sense of how optimal posture FEELS!!! It's a distinct feeling.

As there's been lots of requests for this class and Zoom has a maximum number of people who may join (100), registration in the link below will be required. I'd love for you to enjoy and benefit; a kind request to make sure that you can dedicate yourself to joining in the three classes when signing up. 

We're going to have a great time together! Please note that the Postural Sequences we'll be doing in the three classes are general in nature (rather than highly individualized to one's pain, injury history, movement restriction,daily patterns, posture, and gait). As with any movement program, consulting your physical prior to beginning is advised.

In the realm of creating new, more optimal pattens, here's the video from my previous newsletter with the two exercises you can do throughout the day at work or home to sit comfortably and pain-free (in case you missed it).
I look froward to you joining in the Postural Therapy Movement Class series and having a few tools to feel great, move with balance and ease, and function more optimally for the day ahead.


Joey Zimet

Postural Therapist
(917) 589-5446

Ed. M. Candidate, Applied Physiology
Teachers College, Columbia University