Complimentary Webinar
Tuesday, May 14th, 10:00 A.M. CST
featuring Sgt. Lance Bonney 
Corkill Insurance Agency is pleased to welcome back Sgt. Lance Bonney , as the featured speaker for our upcoming 2019 Roadcheck webinar.
Topics will include:
How to Prepare for 2019 Roadcheck --
Consider that during Roadcheck 2018, 67,703 inspections were conducted resulting in 11,910 vehicles and 2,666 drivers were hit with OOS orders. That’s a 21.6% vehicle OOS rate and a 3.9% driver OOS rate.
Image courtesy of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

Common FMCSA Violations --
Per the FMCSA 2018 Pocket Guide to Large Truck and Bus Statistics,
Most Frequent Vehicle Violations in Inspections, 2017:
  1. Operating Vehicle Not Having the Required Operable Lamps 
  2. Brakes, All Others Clamp/Roto-Chamber Type Brake(s) Out of Adjustment 
  3. Operating a CMV Without Periodic Inspection 
  4. Inspection/Repair and Maintenance Parts and Accessories 
  5. Oil and/or Grease Leak 
  6. No/Discharged/Unsecured Fire Extinguisher 
  7. Tire—Tread Depth Less Than 2/32 of Inch 
  8. Inoperative Turn Signal 
  9. No/Defective Lighting Devices/Reflective Devices/ Projected 
  10. Windshield Wipers Inoperative/Defective
Most Frequent Driver Violations in Inspections, 2017:
  1. Log Violation -- General/Form and Manner
  2. Driver's Record of Duty Status Not Current 
  3. Speeding 6-10 Miles Per Hour Over the Speed Limit 
  4. Failing to Use Seat Belt 
  5. Failing to take 30-Minute Rest Break 
  6. Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device 
  7. Operating CMV without a Valid Medical Certificate 
  8. False Report Of Driver's Record Of Duty Status 
  9. Driver Operating a CMV Without a CDL
  10. Driving Beyond 14-hour Duty Period .

When is enough enough? -- Distracted Driving and Scott’s Law also called “the Move Over Law”
Troopers and other emergency workers put themselves in harm’s way to help keep us all safe and moving. Staying off your devices, slowing down, changing lanes and keeping them safe is the very least we can do in return.
2019 Roadcheck
June 4th-6th
Emphasis on Steering and Suspension
The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) annual International Roadcheck will run June 4-6, 2019 . Over the 72-hour blitz period, commercial motor vehicle inspectors will conduct as many Level I Inspections as possible. North American Standard Level I Inspections include a thorough 37-point examination of both driver and vehicle. 
This year’s blitz will place a special emphasis on steering and suspension systems.
Download the North American Standard Roadside Inspection Vehicle Cheat Sheet, which details CMV components that the will be inspect during a Level I Inspection, from the CVSA web site by clicking the image to the right.
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There is no cost to attend this program. 

About our speakers

Sgt. Lance Bonney
Lance Bonney is currently an ISP patrol Sergeant in District 14, Macomb. Before this current assignment, he served as Deputy Chief of Staff for the Director’s Office in Springfield from 2013-2016. Prior to his promotion in 2013, Bonney was a Trooper assigned to District 14, Macomb, since 1996.  

In 2000, Sgt. Bonney became a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer, dedicated to commercial vehicle enforcement details throughout the state. In 2006, Sgt. Bonney became the Lead Instructor at the ISP Academy for size and weight enforcement. In 2011, Sgt. Bonney received Federal certification as a North American Standard Truck Inspector instructor, training ISP Troopers and officers from throughout the country in proper truck inspection techniques.

Sgt Bonney’s accomplishments include being selected four times to represent Illinois in the North American Inspector Championship where he finished 4th in the Level One challenge in 2012 and in 2013 received the Team Award. In 2010-11, with assistance and cooperation from Midwest Truckers, Illinois Department of Transportation, Illinois Secretary of State, and the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association (ITEA), Sgt. Bonney authored over 20 pages of new laws that clarified, modified and codified trucking laws in the Illinois Vehicle Code. Additionally, Sgt. Bonney sits on the Board of Directors with the ITEA.
Chris Chasse, Sales Director TRUCE Software
TRUCE Software is the global leader in eliminating distracted driving and reducing loss ratios using technology. Founded in 2009, TRUCE has worked tirelessly to ensure companies are enforcing their driver policy, reducing gross negligence and contributing to employee and community safety. 
We believe in technology, and we believe in focus. We believe there are times that technology is essential, and times that mobile devices must be removed to enable us to be at our best. Solving this challenge is in our DNA.

TRUCE enables companies to serve up allowable and productive mobile applications, when and where they should be used, while at the same time suppressing applications that are distracting, dangerous, or out of compliance with their corporate policies. We have built a platform that makes the smartphone smarter, creating a balance between the desire to stay connected and the need to be productive.
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The Corkill Safety Department is staffed by professionals with DOT and fleet safety experience. Our capabilities include:
  • Distracted Driver Policies;
  • Fleet safety programs;
  • Driver qualification requirements:
  • Driver training that includes a solid foundation of safety, as well as a look at their own personal roles and responsibilities for safety;
  • Accident analysis to identify causes & means for prevention; and
  • Safety consulting expertise.

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