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T3 Triple Balanced, High
Linearity Microwave Mixers

The latest Marki Microwave T3 triple balanced, high linearity Microwave Mixers are now offered with complete frequency overlap on all 3 ports up to 18GHz and have the potential for extremely high linearity.

The two new mixers, T3H-18 and T3H-20 offer RF/LO coverage of 0.01-18/20GHz, with matching IF coverage of 0.01-18.0GHz.  As with all T3 mixers, they offer unparalleled linear performance IIP3, P1dB and spurious performance with a flexible LO drive requirement from +15dBm to +27dBm.  To generate a fast rise time LO signal Marki recommends the use of an integrated or stand-alone saturated LO amplifier.

Key Features:
  • Ultra-Broadband RF, LO and IF.
  • Compatible with Sine or Square-Wave LO.
  • Square-Wave LO delivers Industry-Leading Spurious, IP3 and P1dB Performance.
  • Application Note: T3 Mixer Primer.
  • Recommended Square-Wave Amplifiers: A-0020, A-20, A-0120, A-120.
  • Recommended Positive Bias Only Square-Wave Amplifiers: AP-0020, AP-20, AP-0120, AP-20.
Both mixers are offered in connectorized, surface mount and drop-in style packaging, suitable for any type of system level integration.

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Variable Trimmer & Fixed Capacitors

Crane Polyfon's variable, trimmer and fixed capacitors meet critical non-magnetic, high-voltage, high power high Q NMR specifications.  The combination of pure PTFE and Polyfon's proprietary electroplating process produces non-magnetic capacitors of superior performance.  The trimmers and variable capacitors provide linear tuning with no reversal in capacitance during capacitor adjustment.

  • Non-magnetic.
  • Low dissipation factor (low loss).
  • Extremely high Q.
  • Low/High ESR.
  • Linear tuning (no capacitance reversal).
  • High voltage capability.
  • Rugged design.
  • Long operating life.
Trimmers and variable capacitors can be used in pulsed applications, with peak operating voltages up to 15Kv and duty cycles ranging up to 10%.  A standard range of variable capacitor designs are available with a minimum capacitance of <1pF to a maximum capacitance of 125pF.

Fixed capacitors, used for 6kV peak pulsed applications are available with capacitance values from 50pF to 250pF and for 10Kv peak voltage applications values of 25pF to 150pF.

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.
  • Medical Applications.
  • Non Magnetic Probes.
High Power, Rack Mount
RF Power Amplifier

Aethercomm designs and manufactures high performance, high power CW or pulsed SSPA's for commercial, military and satellite communications customer.

Featured above is the SSPA 0.960-1.215-2000-RM, rack mounted, high power amplifier that offers high efficiency and high linearity.  This unit is microprocessor controlled and provides excellent performance from 960 - 1215MHz.  This high power RF system contains a built-in pre-distortion linearizer that allows low level IMDs at high RF output power levels.  All controls are available on a real-time LCD touch screen display.
  • 960-1215MHz Frequency Operation.
  • 800-1000W PEP or 200W+ CW RF Pout.
  • 40dBc IMD Products with Built in Linearizer.
  • ALC Settable over 25dB Dynamic Range.
  • Real Time Touch Screen Display & Control.
  • 4u High, 19" Rack Mount.
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