February 19th 2015

2015 Catalog is here with four new pages of new products
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2015 season is almost here...Time to plan! 
Let us help you save time and money

With March 10 days away, it's time to finalize your decisions about which products to use and which equipment you need to make 2015 a successful year.

All too often we see people purchase the wrong products and expensive equipment which is unsuitable for organic land care. Don't let this happen to you! We actually use the materials and equipment that we sell and have aligned ourselves with leading suppliers in the industry.

Call to discuss your needs today toll free at (844) 266-9375
Wholesale Soluble Powders

Are you set up to apply liquids? If so, read on. 


We offer OMRI listed Solu-Mate Humic Acid powder and Solu-Kelp Soluble Seaweed Powder at a great price. Check out our Solu-Fish Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer and our new Solu-Stimulant. Check out Solu-Nitrogen which contains 15% plant based water soluble nitrogen....a powerful tool in the tool box! 


They'e formulated for use in all different types of spray equipment, irrigation systems, hydroponics and injectors. Check out our extensive line of organic soil amendments, inoculants and liquids. Click here.


We supply small orders all the way up to tractor trailer loads.

Bulk organic fertilizers and soil amendments

Save now and order your soil amendments and fertilizers. Planning ahead will save you money by reducing shipping and motor freight costs. Last minute orders can mean higher prices. 


North Country Organics offers premium quality granular fertilizers which are formulated for many different purposes.

Eco-Lawn's Next Generation Top Dresser

At less than $5,000.00, the new 150 model top dresser is designed to eliminate bridging. At 34-inches wide, it's ideal for places where other applicators cannot access. Other impressive features are the new conveyor belt that's 2 full inches wider, the Vanguard 6.5Briggs & Stratton engine that offers a 3 year warrantee. 

Please click here to view all the details


Mycorrhizal Applications 
The finest mycorrhizae on the market

We carry the industries highest quality mycorrhizal inoculum on the market which is formulated for your specific application. Granular, soluble powder and liquids are available. 

Click here for no-nonsense pricing and data sheets.
Solu-Nitrogen 15-0-0
Water Soluble Organic Nitrogen

Having a full season in sales of this product, we've received much positive feedback about

from our customers. Amino Acid Powder is a 100% plant based water soluble fertilizer which dissolves readily in water. It contains 15% soluble nitrogen which addresses nitrogen deficiencies very rapidly.
Solu-Nitrogen is made from soy beans in a special enzymatic process which converts this high protein legume into a versatile, easy to handle fertilizer. Please order bulk quantities very early...this is a very popular product
Professional Spray Equipment 
Designed for organic applications

With spring just weeks away, we've been in the full swing of filling orders for sprayers. Now is the time to build your sprayer on our website so it's ready for when you need it.

We offer sprayers in many different configurations and with options such as aerated tanks

Lead times are about 3 weeks, so let us know how to help make your sprayer ready for spring!
Browse our 2015 Catalog and enhanced website
We've added 4 more pages of now products!

Check out our 2015 wholesale catalog. You'll find 28 pages of equipment, organic fertilizers, soil amendments, compost tea supplies, mycorrhizae and much more.
Please click here to view our catalog online. You can request a print catalog by calling us toll free (844) 266-9375
Have a look around our website. You'll find dozens of new exciting items for the organic land care professional.   


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