beazley REMEDY:  Comprehensive Healthcare Management 
Liability Coverage
We are a program manager for Beazley Remedy targeting healthcare organizations with less than $35.0 million in assets and less than 500 employees. Beazley Remedy protects against directors' and officers' risks, antitrust risks, regulatory billing errors and omissions, employment practices liability risks, and fiduciary liability risks.  It is a comprehensive insurance solution that combines financial protection with valuable loss control services including expert HR advice and specialized workforce training.  Beazley Remedy is admitted in most states. Find out more about how you can gain access to this exceptionally designed coverage solution for prospective clients!
 loss Scenarios
As an important risk management tool and insurance solution for healthcare organizations, Beazley Remedy provides financial protection to organizations and individual directors, officers, managers, and fiduciaries against common claims. Learn more about detailed loss scenarios below:
Healthcare Employment Practices Liability:
Healthcare D&O Liability:
Healthcare Regulatory Liability: