Thursday, November 2, 2017
We are excited to share details about the upcoming public charrette workshop, answers to FAQs about the comprehensive master plan, and more below.
Help shape the future of the Village by participating in the public "charrette," an intense period of design and planning activity. All are encouraged to attend and participate in the following activities, to be held at the Ponce de Leon Center: 

Opening Presentation and Scenario Planning - Session A
Thursday, November 30, 4-5:30 p.m. 

Opening Presentation and Scenario Planning - Session B
Thursday, November 30, 6-7:30 p.m.

Progress Presentation and Opportunity for Feedback - Open House
(Drop in at your convenience) 
Saturday, December 2, 1-4 p.m.

Closing Presentation 
Wednesday, December 6, 6-7:30 p.m. 

Presentations will be made by representatives of Crafton Tull and DPZ, who will be working on site in Hot Springs Village from Nov. 28 - Dec. 6. The above activities will give ample opportunity to engage with these representatives and provide input. Everyone is encouraged to share feedback at these sessions. Community input will be incorporated into the comprehensive master plan. 

Smaller workshops, also open to the public, will be conducted throughout the week on topics such as utilities, infrastructure, and transportation; amenities and recreation; budgeting and funding; communications and marketing; economic development; zoning and aesthetics; and health and education. A full schedule of these and all charrette activities may be accessed here
FAQ 1) Will property owner assessments be increased to cover the cost of development proposed by the Comprehensive Master Plan?

Increases in assessments beyond the annual CPI percentage can only occur with a vote of the property owners. This doesn't change the completion of the Comprehensive Master Plan. The deliverables from the CMP call for identifying creative funding strategies while also providing prioritized value-based recommendations, cost modeling and phasing for additions, renovations, redevelopments, replacements, decommissioning, maintenance, and improvement of existing and proposed development projects. All future projects identified in the plan will provide budgeting, forecasting, and business modeling tools to assist with ensuring sustainability and the attraction of developers and investors. Randall Gross, Development Economics, is part of our CMP project team and will be focused on this component, meant to identify the feasibility, priority, and best uses for land and resources. 

FAQ 2) Is David Twiggs consulting on or advising in activities related to Hot Springs Village or the Comprehensive Master Plan? 

Mr. Twiggs' tenure as COO ended in 2016. Through his leadership, several contributions were made to the community including the cataloguing of new ideas through the Master Plan Workbook, Grove Park, Waypoint, Rock Porch Sessions, and Basecamp. Mr. Twiggs served in a consulting role until January 31, 2017, and has not participated in any capacity since that date. Just as we have done for the last 47 years, we will continue to use the best from those who came before us, as we chart our future together. 
The survey on preservation and change sent out last week closed yesterday and received tremendous response. Over 1,000 responses were received to the survey and the October 26 public kick-off activities. We are still working to summarize this input and look forward to sharing summaries soon. 

Click here to view minutes from the most recent meeting of the CMP Steering Committee. The next meeting will be held Tuesday, November 14, at 2 p.m. at the Ponce de Leon Center. 

Thank you for reading this message to stay informed about this important project. We will continue to provide updates each week and look forward to receiving more of your input during the public charrette, Nov. 28 - Dec. 6.