Friday, October 6, 2017
The Ad Hoc Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) Steering Committee met earlier this week; click here to see unapproved minutes of this meeting. 

The Hot Springs Village Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) seeks to provide a framework for long- and short-term planning that is clear yet flexible and will respond to changing needs and conditions. This framework should foster a resilient, adaptable, and competitive community that forges a strong identity at the scales of the overall community as well as of individual neighborhoods and provides for a high level of character, livability, economic health, and environmental quality of the community proper and the area at large.

We hope that you will want to stay informed about this important project for Hot Springs Village, especially as developments unfold over the coming weeks and months. Reading weekly e-blasts, attending upcoming meetings (especially during the public charrette scheduled for the weeks of Nov. 27 and Dec. 4), and reaching out with questions are all great ways to stay "in the loop." 

Staying informed about your community has never been more important or easier than it is today. We hope that everyone will choose to speak from an informed perspective, as both local and national spotlights begin to shine on our efforts. With all that is going on elsewhere these days, may we be that beacon of peace and tranquility that originally launched this paradise. May we truly understand how our words and actions impact our ability to attract the best neighbors.