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FROM THE HALLS | A Maryland business legislative update
Moderation is dying, political polarization is increasing day to day—and it’s affecting Maryland’s business climate.

During the 2017 session, the Maryland Chamber of Commerce experienced this first hand while lobbying for amendments of the Healthy Working Families Act, otherwise known as HB1.

THROUGH THE YEARS: From the 90's
We aren't the only ones with a long history, our members have come a long way too. We are proud to say many of our members have been with us for decades! Check out these member ads from the Maryland Chamber archives:
Follow along as we celebrate our 50th year with the hashtag #MDCC50 .
AUG 21

This event will offer an overview of the cyber-threat landscape and focus on practical tips for securing your business, managing the response to a breach, meeting legal reporting requirements and using cyber insurance as a way of shifting risk.

SEP 20

This year, we will tackle issues like:
  • tariff effects on Maryland
  • the opioid epidemic
  • Maryland’s business climate
  • environmental policy
  • reinventing the talent pipeline & more!